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Deploy your IOTA Full Node in Azure (VM)

We want to help with enterprise mass adoption… Connect your IoT device to the Tangle, explore fee-less micro transactions and the use of MAM, support the evergrowing Peer-to-Peer IOTA network. Baby steps into the world…

How blockchain will transform the IoT

Supply chain, automotive, and sales of industrial sensor data emerge as initial use-case contenders for blockchain and its ilk in the Internet of Things.Two giant industrials, Bosch and Volkswagen, are among companies that are taking…

How to install IOTA node with docker

INTRODUCTION IOTA has a official full node project named iri. It is a java open-source project (github)Today there are 2 versions of iri:1.5.x STABLE with full snapshot feature 1.6.x RELEASE CANDIDATE with local snapshot…

Apache Camel: First IOTA Component Example

INTRODUCTION I am proud to comunicate that Apache Camel since version 2.24 will support IOTA DLT Component (I'm the author)Apache Camel is a open source implementation of famous Enterprise Integration Patterns. Camel is a Routing and…

Trinity Mobile 0.5.1 (33) release

A new mobile patch is out. This build contains important security fixes.NB. This release blocks nodes using Release Candidate IRI versions. It is recommended that you do not use for the meantime as we…

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