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Highlights of the IOTA Qubic AMA

The Qubic development team hosted a two-hour AMA session on Reddit (r/IOTA) today, discussing the progress of the Qubic project. In this piece, I will gloss over the questions and answers that I found to be the most intriguing. Abra…

“Like the traffic in Paris”

At the IOTA Meetup, innovative projects are presented First of all: IOTA with the alternative protocol system Tangle is still in its infancy. The potential of this technology, however, seems to be globally convincing and can be…

IOTA Trinity wallet update – 29th June

Shared Updated: Format date and time according to device locale settings Updated: Greater translation coverage New: Add support for Croatian and Tamil Updated: Remove manual rebroadcast Fixed: Incorrect errors when adding…

How IoT will Impact Different Industries

Connectivity continues to expand, with no sign of stopping. IoT is fundamentally changing the way we do business. By connecting devices and sensors to the internet, we are entering an age where data analytics, connectivity, and…

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