Distribution of DeepSea Adventures Campaign Rewards

We are thrilled to announce that it’s time to distribute the rewards for over 1600 participants who engaged in the DeepSea Adventures campaign on TIDE. Your enthusiasm and dedication have truly made this journey unforgettable, and we’re grateful for your participation. The response to the campaign has been overwhelming, and we couldn’t be happier with the abundance of rewards that will soon be making their way to you.

Now, let’s dive into the details of the reward distribution:

Accumulator: The top 1332 leaderboard users will receive an Accumulator NFT airdrop. These NFTs serve as your personal ticket for the $ACCU fair launch, alongside a small token airdrop later on.

ApeDAO: 9 Lil Ape NFTs have already been airdropped to raffled winners. 999 $APEin can be claimed by the top 149 participants. Claim your tokens here: https://app.hedgey.finance/claim/a16da5c3-f0f5-4b0a-96d4-9ee88ba7031b

Bloom: Raffled winners will receive 28 Bloom NFTs, granting access to future token fair launches.

Deepr Finance: Top 200 participants will be airdropped 190,000 $DEEPR, while 146 raffled winners will receive a Subie NFT as a badge of honor.

Genie’s Bounty: 10 Nakama Merch Boxes are up for grabs by the 10 raffled winners. If you’re among them, don’t miss out on claiming via TIDE: https://tideprotocol.xyz/users/campaign/72e8a25a-e4e0-4a24-ba18-f72e24d2a4e1 Please note that the GODAI NFTs (part of the NMB) will be airdropped later on.

Infernal Uprising: 190 Infernal Uprising NFTs will be airdropped to the lucky raffle winners, opening doors to engaging in exciting Play2Earn activities.

IOTA Heroes: Congratulations to the 50 winners whose addresses have been whitelisted on the IOTA Heroes website. Claim your rewards before April 2, 2024 8 PM CET here: https://game.iotaheroes.com/ (more information: https://www.iotaheroes.com/blog/founder-sale-wrap-up)

ShimmerSea: 950 $LUM can be claimed by the top 150 participants via this link: https://app.hedgey.finance/claim/2edbd942-9dcd-41ec-9e4b-9a9d32528bd3. Additionally, 50 Lumi NFTs will be airdropped to randomly selected winners, offering access to exclusive perks.

Swapline: Top 86 participants can claim 480 $LUM using the link provided above for ShimmerSea.

Virtue: Top 1332 leaderboard users will receive Virtue GOAT NFTs, acting as your ticket for the VIRTUE fair launch and including a little token airdrop. Both airdrops (NFT & VIRTUE tokens) will take place at a later point in time.

Nakama: All 1645 participants can now claim more than 6000 Shimmer Bridge NFTs, reflecting your involvement in this remarkable community campaign on ShimmerEVM: https://shimmerbridge.nakama.io

Make sure to check the leaderboard to see if you’re among the winners and take the necessary steps as described above to claim your well-deserved rewards.

The rewards will be distributed shortly.

Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who made the DeepSea Adventures campaign a resounding success. We can’t wait to see where our adventures take us next!

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