Unveiling Nakama’s dApps Roadmap on IOTA EVM

With the successful release of the IOTA EVM, we are excited to unveil our dApps roadmap and outline the next steps in our Web3 journey. Join us as we explore the path ahead of the Nakama ecosystem, paving the way for a top-notch user experience on one of the most promising EVM landscapes.

Nakama Labs

Let’s begin by taking a closer look at Nakama Labs. We are proud to announce that our team is continuously expanding. With nearly 25 employees, we remain to be the largest Web3 developer on IOTA EVM, and we continue to seek talented individuals to join our ranks. Also, we are always eager to collaborate with engaged community members. If you possess skills that you believe could benefit Nakama, we encourage you to reach out to us.

Get ready for the Nakama GODAI NFTs to be minted on IOTAEVM soon. Each NFT will act as a key, unlocking a range of utilities across all Nakama projects. For more details, read this article and stay tuned for updates.

In addition, it is no longer a secret that we are exploring real-world asset tokenization opportunities. Although we cannot disclose specific details at this time, we are excited to reassure our community that groundbreaking developments are on the horizon. Real-world asset tokenization is revolutionizing the financial landscape by converting physical assets into digital tokens on a blockchain. For more details, read our recently published blog article.

Time to examine our dApps and see the upcoming developments for each one:


Accumulator is a decentralized yield optimizer for DeFi investors. It leverages automation to empower everyone to harness the full potential of yield farming opportunities, maximizing profits while ensuring security. Accumulator enhances user earnings by automatically collecting, exchanging, and reinvesting rewards from liquidity pools, providing efficiency, cost savings, and higher returns compared to manual yield farming.

Let’s uncover what lies ahead for Accumulator:

Accumulator’s successful launch on the Shimmer EVM in October 2023 has garnered overwhelmingly positive user feedback. Throughout its operation, the platform runs smoothly without encountering any issues or downtime.

Now, we are gearing up to introduce Accumulator on the IOTA EVM. The platform’s utility token $ACCU will soon undergo a token fair launch on MagicSea, with the exact timing soon to be announced. The token is poised to play a pivotal role in the platform’s ecosystem. Utilizing Accumulator NFTs (The Accumulatooors with a cap of 3,000 to be minted soon) for exclusive access to this launch via a whitelist ensures a transparent and inclusive distribution, embodying the core benefits of a fair launch.

While expanding onto the IOTA EVM, Accumulator remains committed to continue supporting Shimmer EVM. Currently, the platform supports 10 different LP vaults on Shimmer EVM. As liquidity rises on IOTA EVM, we will gradually introduce the vaults. We welcome your input on which LPs you would like to see supported in the future. Feel free to join the Accumulator Discord server and let us know.

Rest assured, the auto-compounding process will remain unchanged, maintaining the platform’s seamless functionality and ensuring continued user satisfaction. We are committed to upholding this standard of excellence.

Deepr Finance

Deepr Finance is a decentralized lending and borrowing platform designed to democratize financial access with a community-centric token model and high security standards. Developed as a fork of Compound V2 and audited by HashEx, Deepr Finance prioritizes long-term value creation and financial inclusivity.

Deepr Finance successfully launched in January 2024 on the Shimmer EVM. The platform performed exceptionally well with outstanding user feedback. All liquidations proceeded smoothly. However, the network’s low liquidity necessitated the establishment of borrow limits to mitigate the risk caused by the volatility of the SMR token.

Looking ahead, we anticipate greater liquidity on the IOTA EVM, which will allow us to significantly increase or even completely remove the borrowing caps of the protocol. Due to the current low liquidity and the limited performance of the dApp, we have held back DEEPR rewards. With the platform launch on IOTA EVM, we are thrilled to reward user participation even more. Participating in Deepr Finance on IOTA EVM will allow users to earn higher DEEPR rewards, which can be staked to earn even more on top.

Our strategy involves monitoring liquidity developments on the IOTA EVM to determine the optimal time for the launch. Stay tuned for a separate update regarding the launch timing.

It’s important to note that 1 DEEPR on Shimmer EVM is equivalent to 1 DEEPR on IOTA EVM — there is no inflation in tokens and no new tokens will be issued. We will provide instructions on how to bridge your DEEPR tokens from Shimmer EVM to IOTA EVM.

Step by step, we look forward to opening up new markets on the platform. We invite you to reach out to us on the Deepr Discord and share your desired tokens, so we can add them to our watchlist.

Another exciting development is the integration of Bloom Wallet into Deepr Finance, providing a compelling alternative to MetaMask.


Virtue is an over-collateralized stablecoin borrowing platform with 0% interest rates. The protocol is a modified fork of the battle-tested decentralized stablecoin borrowing protocol Liquity with an enhancement to the borrowing experience that introduces multi-collateral deposits. Virtue’s native stablecoin vUSD provides liquidity while maintaining a 1:1 peg to the US Dollar.

Virtue is performing well on the Shimmer EVM testnet, while our developers consistently optimize the platform to ensure the best user experience. Our primary focus at the moment is on the launch of Deepr Finance, and we will provide detailed information on the Virtue launch on IOTA EVM in the near future.


In the past months, we have gained valuable experiences on Shimmer EVM. Armed with this knowledge, we are now ready to deploy our dApps on IOTA EVM, a network striving for increased liquidity, user engagement, and success. We are committed to enhancing our community sessions and publishing detailed blog articles for each dApp upon launch. We are thrilled about the prospects ahead, alongside our fantastic community!

Follow us on X or visit nakama.io to learn more.

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