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When creating wallets for cryptocurrencies, you get passwords, also called passphrase or seed. These passwords are essential for managing cryptocurrencies. The Easy Passphrase Saver and the Easy Seed Saver offer the option of securely anchoring a passphrase or a seed in a stainless-steel plate, protected from environmental influences.

From the beginning: Usually, after creating a passphrase or a seed, you get a printed sheet of paper with the information you need to access your cryptocurrency wallet. It is important to keep this paper in a safe place. If the paper is lost or destroyed, you can no longer access your cryptocurrency wallets and your funds are gone.

You might think that it would be better to save the passphrase or the seed digitally? No! This is extremely risky because the digital medium can break and you run the risk of someone using a keylogger to spy on the digital writing on the medium. Now you could say: “Ok then I save the seed and the passphrase in a cloud, it is safe there.” This is not true because your cloud is a centralized system and this system can be switched off or hacked and thus misuse of the data is possible.

Therefore, only one way can be the right one: 1. Never generate your seed online or unsecured! Many people lost already a lot of money because of a Scam-Seed-Generator Website – check the EUROPOL article here! 2. It is best to create your passphrase or the seed yourself on a piece of paper. 3. Transfer your passphrase or the seed from this sheet to the stainless-steel plate “Easy Passphrase Saver” or “Easy Seed Saver”.

More information at and in this video:

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