Exciting Milestone: We’re Going Open Source!

Unveiling an Era of Open Innovation: Releasing Our Complete Framework to the Public

We’re delighted to share the fruition of more than two and a half years of relentless development and vision—a project initially aimed at enhancing the utility of NFTs, digital tokens, and reputation systems on both the IOTA and Shimmer L1 networks. As of today, we’re celebrating a pivotal achievement: the entire framework is transitioning to open-source.

From its inception, our venture was strategically positioned independent of traditional financial injections from venture capitalists or investors. Focused on materializing a nonexistent realm within the IOTA and Shimmer platforms, we managed to create this innovative product funded solely through community support. Driven by a mission to democratize technology, our dedicated team has largely operated without monetary compensation for the past few months to bring this concept to reality.

Intellectual Freedom: Empowering Community-driven Development

In a move that solidifies our dedication to collective growth, all intellectual property associated with our project has now been transferred to public ownership. We’ve reserved no proprietary claims, aligning entirely with the principles of open-source culture. This transition might introduce uncertainties regarding the adoption rates and future success of the IOTA and Shimmer L1 frameworks, yet the implication of our open-source approach extends far beyond these metrics.

Introducing Our Open-source Contributions

The scope of our open-source contributions is vast, covering an array of functionalities from managing digital twins, NFTs, and real-world assets to facilitating token exchanges. The framework is built as a comprehensive ecosystem comprising front and backend solutions, development kits, and testing frameworks conducive to both on-chain and off-chain functionalities. This robust, cost-effective suite of tools is designed to be rapidly deployable.

Operating across multiple chains, our framework currently supports IOTA and Shimmer and is amendable for integration with IOTA 2.0 and other blockchain technologies like those compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Open-source by design, the platform can be adapted or expanded to meet diverse application needs—a proven, robust solution that’s been battle-tested in live environments over the past two years, handling nearly $20 million in assets and resisting security breaches effectively.

Reflecting on Our Evolutionary Path

Our path was fraught with challenges and learning curves. Initially focusing on a reputation system, we ventured into establishing an N Business Transaction, and Transaction Registers. Terr marketplace funded by early successes, spurred on by the encouragement from the IOTA Foundation. This phase was not just about funding but was central to the evolutionary toolkit necessitating development on Layer 1 networks.

As the marketplace popularity spiked, so did our ambitions, expanding into comprehensive token management and exchanges. These early iterations were central but drew criticism for their centralized nature—a limitation we overcame with the introduction of Shimmer. By late 2022, during a market downturn, funding diminished, yet our commitment didn’t waver. We pivoted to making our offerings native to Shimmer, migrating pre-existing assets and adapting our solutions to the emerging frameworks provided by Shimmer, without mature SDKs.

In 2023, a major overhaul saw us eliminating proprietary solutions, transitioning from services like Firebase to more robust platforms like PostgreSQL. Our team, albeit small, made significant strides in optimizing our SDKs and refining documentation. Now open-source, our project is poised for broader community involvement and continuous enhancement.

Looking Forward: An Open Invitation

This transition heralds not an end but a new chapter. We’re setting the stage for continuous evolution, calling on developers, innovators, and technology enthusiasts to contribute to our platform. Explore our GitHub, engage with our progress, and help us steer the future of decentralized applications.

We’re profoundly proud of our achievements and eagerly anticipate the community’s inventive contributions to expand and refine this technology. Let’s jointly pioneer advancements in Layer 1 technologies and craft a legacy of inclusive, decentralized digital infrastructural growth.

Explore our project further on GitHub: Visit Our GitHub Repository

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