February 2023 Dev Update

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Development is constantly ongoing over here in the Soonaverse and this most recent Dev Update proves it. There are a lot of exciting enhancements and features that not only significantly boost platform capabilities, but also make it more decentralized. Our review will cover some of the biggest updates released recently as well as the small things that accumulate over time to become the foundation of a battle-tested application with years of incorporating user feedback.

Awards Functionality Now on Shimmer!

In the beginning of the Soonaverse we envisioned awards functionality that enshrined user contributions and achievements into a quantifiable “reputation” that can be immutably expressed through badges (the types of tasks completed) and experience tokens (the value of those tasks). We created an MVP product that has functioned well since its inception, but that technology relied on a lot of centralized components.

We’re pleased to announce that this is no longer the case. Awards functionality is now decentralized now that badges and tokens are automatically minted and distributed on the Shimmer network. Once issued, these awards are fully in control of the owner.

With this new release, every time a space gives someone a badge, they’re actually sending them a time locked NFT and unlocked tokens through the Shimmer network.

As a special surprise for all outstanding awards that were issued prior to this release, the Soonaverse will be minting all existing badges and XP tokens in the system. We have decided to fully fund all the storage deposits. To put it into perspective, there have been roughly 2,600+ awards with 60,000+ badges.

This is fundamentally huge for Shimmer because we’ll be doubling the total amount of NFTs on the entire network in a single move!

As part of this transition process, and the fact that all badges (even ones not yet distributed) must be minted and have a storage deposit paid by the Soonaverse, we will only be minting all badges plus an additional 20% if there are still undistributed badges as part of a singular award. If a project would like more badges then they will have to create a new award under the new system.

To learn more about how this new award system works, visit the updated documentation: https://docs.soonaverse.com/en/space-owners-getting-started/making-an-award

Voting on Proposals with Native Tokens

Prior to this release, users could only create proposals where there were only 2 types of votes: All Guardians or All Members. So either the proposal was decided by the guardians of the space or it was decided by those who became members of that space. Both options have their advantages, but there was still a missing type of vote that would take into consideration a weighted vote based on how much stake someone has in a project.

This is why we’ve delivered a new type of vote: Space’s Native Token. Users can now vote on proposals with the space’s native token. An interesting attribute of this new voting mechanism is that the tokens can be either staked or unstaked. That way you don’t need to decide whether to earn rewards or be a part of the decision making process.

You can learn more by visiting the “Creating a Proposal” documentation: https://docs.soonaverse.com/en/space-owners-getting-started/creating-a-proposal

Marketplace Expanding Beyond Soonaverse NFTs

You are now not limited to depositing only Soonaverse created NFTs into the Marketplace. Starting today it’s possible to deposit any NFTs that were minted on the Shimmer network. This means that the Soonaverse NFT Marketplace just got that much bigger! This new enhancement was actually pretty difficult to implement, so let’s quickly review how this new process works.

When a user deposits an NFT, the Soonaverse uses something called TIP-27 (https://github.com/iotaledger/tips/pull/65) to get all the necessary information from that NFT and the collection. Depositing an NFT that wasn’t created on the Soonaverse causes the system to automatically generate a collection and space. Now there’s an “unclaimed” space on the Soonaverse for that new collection. The author of that collection has the power to go into the newly generated space and claim it. They will need to send a small amount of SMR to a particular address so that the Soonaverse can verify that the sending address controls the alias that minted the NFT collection on Shimmer. If that’s the case, the author then becomes the guardian of that space.

New AuditOne Integration Now Available

AuditOne is an all-in-one audit platform to bring more security to the web3 world. We’re proud to have partnered with them and with this release take the relationship to the next level. You’ll begin to notice more AuditOne widgets around the Soonaverse including in your member profile, on space dashboards, and on token pages.

As more and more services begin to pop up on the Soonaverse, some of them may request a level of KYC to be implemented. If a user wants to participate in those services then they could head over to their member profile and in the right pane click the AuditOne widget. From there they can request a KYC verification to be linked to their profile:

This is only one of the many features of the AuditOne integration in the Soonaverse. Users can also do social profile reviews and space/tokens can do more formal KYC verifications to gain more levels of trust in their communities. These are just the initial services and now that foundation of the integration is set, we’re looking forward to seeing what comes next.

It’s important to note that all KYC data is in full control of AuditOne and the Soonaverse has no access to that information.

Platform Improvements

As you may have noticed if you’ve scrolled through the newly updated Soonaverse, a lot more has been released than just the developments listed above. Below is the full list of everything that was enhanced during this latest release.

Repository “soonaverse/soonaverse-dao”:

  • #547 — Available’ shows 0 while second hand NFT’s are available
  • #699 — Confusing alert — Can’t buy an NFT
  • #994 — Profile Transaction History Loops on mobile
  • #1018 — NFT isn’t locked during the transaction window
  • #1021 — Add ability to claim tokens via On Tangle Request (only minted tokens)
  • #1043 — Update payment-issue-token.yml
  • #1046 — Order of my NFT’s is messed up / makes no sense
  • #1048 — Rename Request audit” to “Request Verification””
  • #1022 — Enable support to add NFTs for GENERATED / SFT collections — NONE limited only

Repository “soonaverse/soonaverse”:

  • #1596 — Awards on shimmer — Spaces update
  • #1597 — Awards on shimmer — Discover page update

#1598 — Awards on shimmer — Create collection updates

  • #1599 — Awards on shimmer — Awards changes
  • #1778 — Open an ability to upload NFT that were not created on Soonaverse
  • #1827 — Migrate awards to be Shimmer native
  • #1966 — Audit One widget
  • #2039 — Enable TanglePay in Soonaverse
  • #2054 — Checkbox to disable trading and enable it later
  • #2057 — Double — validation issue
  • #2062 — Native Voting
  • #2063 — Claim Space (support for NFTs outside of Soonaverse)
  • #2068 — Guardians should manage collections not artist
  • #2069 — Consolidate auth session and disconnect wallet after 1h
  • #2070 — Ability to stake NFTs
  • #2071 — FE: Ability to stake NFTs
  • #2074 — Ability to cancel token sale prior the start date
  • #2078 — accessCollections & accessAwards should be editable on collection
  • #2079 — ipfs metadata.json should follow TIP-27 attributes
  • #2090 — Award creation allows custom badge (NTT)
  • #2091 — Console log issues
  • #2094 — NFT not set as hidden
  • #2096 — Upgrade backend npm packages to latest
  • #2097 — Casted votes on the main overview
  • #2100 — Storage deposit unlock on voting
  • #2102 — Award should allow configurable “locking” period for the NTT
  • #2103 — Award: design configurable input and show on award
  • #2104 — Award: Give out badges based on CSV Import
  • #2105 — Award: Add CSV Upload option
  • #2106 — Collection / NFT stats to enable further ordering
  • #2108 — Set space placeholder as URI on minted collection via award
  • #2109 — Member does not have to be part of the space to participate in it’s awards
  • #2110 — Add floor price on collection card
  • #2112 — Auditone widget visibility
  • #2113 — Activity Tab on Profile visible only when logged in
  • #2114 — space avatar as NFT image for deposited collection/nft
  • #2115 — Include symbol on badge information within the award
  • #2116 — New Crowdin updates
  • #2117 — Enable airdrop collection in the API
  • #2119 — Base token support on Award
  • #2120 — Add new ordering on collection based on #2106
  • #2121 — New filtering options Award List
  • #2122 — Set value as null instead on award record
  • #2124 — SMR / RMS token icons in assets folder
  • #2128 — Collection discounts should use new Award structure
  • #2130 — How to show minting in progress on Award
  • #2131 — Add token symbol on transaction
  • #2132 — Reputation
  • #2134 — Reputation is incorrectly added on member’s profile
  • #2135 — Misaligned menu item
  • #2059 — New Crowdin updates

Once again, it’s always important to remind everybody that all changes that are part of the “soonaverse-dao” repo are community raised ones. The platform is being tailored to the user’s preferred experience and not just what some developers THINK is the ideal solution. If you want to learn more about anything mentioned above feel free to reach out in our Discord!

Oh yeah, one last thing in case you missed it in the bullet points above! You can now use TanglePay to login:

Until next time! Now, Let’s GOOOOOOOO!

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