Fiware #Tangle #PoC — What is #Fiware? Friend or Foe?

Why fight when you can cooperate?So what is Fiware (homepage here)?


  • Driving key standards for breaking the information silos
  • Making IoT simpler
  • Transforming Big Data into knowledge
  • Unleashing the potential of right-time Open Data
  • Enabling the Data Economy
  • Ensuring sovereignty on your data

What is FIWARE?

FIWARE is a curated framework of open source platform components which can be assembled together with other third-party platform components to accelerate the development of Smart Solutions.

In any smart solution there is a need to gather and manage context information, processing that information and informing external actors, enabling them to actuate and therefore alter or enrich the current context. The Context Broker component is the core component of any “Powered by FIWARE” platform. It enables the system to perform updates and access to the current state of context.

fiware data context

The Context Broker in turn is surrounded by a suite of additional platform components, which may be supplying context data (from diverse sources such as a CRM system, social networks, mobile apps or IoT sensors for example), supporting processing, analysis and visualization of data or bringing support to data access control, publication or monetization.

How to extend a solution powered by FIWARE?

Building around the Context Broker, a rich suite of complementary components are available, dealing with:

  • Interfacing with the Internet of Things (IoT), Robots and third-party systems
  • Context Data/API management, publication and monetization
  • Processing, analysis and visualization of context information

In addition, the FIWARE platform brings a number of Deployment tools easing the deployment and configuration of FIWARE or third-party components and their integration with FIWARE Context Broker technology.

fiware architecture

However, FIWARE is not about take it all or nothing. You are not forced to use these complementary components but other third platform components to design the hybrid platform of your choice. As long as it uses the Context Broker technology to manage context information, your platform can be labeled as “Powered by FIWARE” and solutions build on top as well.

Globalization Strategy

To achieve a sustainable position in a digital global market FIWARE Technologies need to be accepted and adapted on a global scale. The FIWARE Foundation is following a market driven approach supported by its members and based on the maturity of the different market regions as opportunities arise. Asia, overall, is addressed together with NEC with focus on Smart Cities and Smart Industry.
India is addressed together with Smart City Labs, NEC, Mobilepedia and others with focus on Smart Cities (Government Smart Cities program of 32 billion US $ until 2021) South America is addressed together with Telefonica and Engineering with focus on Smart Cities.
Africa is addressed together with Orange with focus on Smart Cities and Smart Agrifood.
Western Europe is addressed together with Platinum (all) and Gold Members (some) with focus on Smart Cities, Smart Industry, Smart AgriFood and Smart Energy. Awareness in target markets is created via digital media and the participation in well established events with a clear vertical focus. As opportunities arise in a region, the FF share those with all its members and with those interested define a proper way to address the specific region.

To know more about Fiware, go to their FAQ page.

As we can see FIWARE Technologies and the IOTA Foundation have some common grounds:

  • Enabling the Data Economy
  • Ensuring sovereignty on your data
  • Data monetization

The members of the Fiware Foundation are also to be respected, here we find names like Telefonica, NEC, Atos, IDbook, Smart Cities Lab, City of Vienna, City of Genova, FBK (Fondazione Bruno Kessler).

What are some advantages over IOTA:

  • Standard Tools (Visualisation, Analysis, Processing), wherever you get the data from
  • Funding
  • Strong Community

The research industry is already jumping on this ship. Research projects looking for funding are applying to the incubators, therefore bringing money and knowledge on the table.

What are some disadvantages:

  • well first and foremost, if compared to a DLT centralisation of data, with ORION, the Context broker

Well that is the awesome part. Fiware is opensource so why not enhance it with the IOTA Tangle?

This is why I made a first Proof-of-Concept, here I am trying to get data from the Fiware ORION broker and publish it to the Tangle via MAM like what I did before with mqtt.
The PoC won’t even work right now, first I have to get data to Orion 🙂 but it might be a start of an interesting relationship.

Let’s discuss it! Can we see Fiware as a great addition to the Tangle (or the Tangle to Fiware?)
Food for thought!

For more information in Italian and German here are my contacts.

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