How to solve climate change with IOTA

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Climate change is changing our planet. There are dozens of scientific research which claim that it will affect millions of people around the world. First, the climate must be made measurable on a micro level to even try solving the problem. Measuring is knowing. I’ll try to explain how IOTA can be a part of the solution to climate change.


Over the coming decades, billions of sensors will be added to measure the climate and earth conditions. Think of rain, temperature, humidity, soil moisture, nutrients present in the soil, changes in atmospheric pressure, etc. The measurements will be as precise and “live” as never before. Also, thanks to the sensors, we are going to see what direct influence man has on the climate. Cause and effect are made super specific with sensors that will measure 24/7.

Giving an example:

If in the winter, in a large city, the heaters go on massively, what direct influence does this have on the temperature in the city? Thousands of sensors will measure these changes and make it clear that the temperature in the city is higher and what the difference is compared to outside the city. We will see the direct effect on the climate when the thermostat is set higher in the living room.

The more precise the measurements, the more adequately and precisely can be responded to. Then we can know where to tackle the climate problem exactly. This way you can also place the costs with those people or companies who contribute most to climate change. If there are companies that build solar panels and thus reduce climate change, then there must be a reward for that. Or if there are oil companies that feed climate change, then there must be a price on it. These kinds of things can all be measured with sensors. In cars, in oil pumps, in all kinds of machines, etc.

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The full article was originally published by Fev on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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