Hsu Yu-Jen called the ministries & IOTA Foundation to develop a national IoT strategy

Today Hsu Yu-Jen called on all ministries to meet with the International Internet of Things pioneer IOTA Foundation to jointly develop a national strategy for the development of the Internet of Things. The Executive Yuan, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Education, the National Communications and Communications Commission and Asia Silicon Valley.

Hsu Yu Jen IOTA

Hsu Yu-Jen (Born July 19, 1978) is a current Taiwanese at-large legislator of the 9th Legislative Yuan. He is also an entrepreneur and the cofounder of TEDxTaipei. Hsu is serving as a Chinese Nationalist Party non-constituency member of the Legislative Yuan, and was assigned to the Judiciary and Organic Laws and Statues Committee during the 1st session of the 9th Legislative Yuan. He currently serves as a member of the Foreign Affairs and National Defense Committee in the 2nd session. He is an active advocate of issues regarding education, technology, innovation, sustainability, and marriage equality.

Taiwan’s ideas for blockchain, cryptocurrency, and other technologies still remain in the financial arena, but in addition to Blockchain technology, the application of the Internet of Things is also a trend that will surely become mainstream in the future. A few days ago, Taipei City’s citizen card also spread news that will combine Internet of Things technology. Therefore, I especially invited the ministries to meet with the IOTA Director of Public Policy (Julie Maupin) to jointly stimulate the potential application of IoT technology in the development of national policies.

Julie Maupin said that the Foundation is now running the Open Source Project of IOTA. At present, the Foundation is also concerned by many European countries. The project has also been run and developed in Germany with many new startup teams. .

The IOTA technology itself is inspired by the blockchain, but the general blockchain technology compresses data and then decrypts it through third parties when it transfers data. In order to transfer information to the other party’s process, it consumes a relatively large amount of energy. It will also be affected by the number of data items and it will not be able to ride on the trillions of IoT applications. However, IONA’s unique technology, Tangle, is just the opposite of blockchain. Using split-book technology, you can freely add trading points. Each trader is only responsible for checking the first two transactions. The more users, the faster the overall transaction speed.

At the same time, IOTA is also different from traditional IoT technology. In addition to using the Internet, it can also be transmitted through communication technologies such as blue tooth and radio. Taiwan’s technology hardware manufacturers are numerous and excellent. In the future of low-cost hardware devices, the development of IOTA is a very good opportunity for Taiwan’s industry.

The Ministry of Transport stated that IOTA technology is superior to blockchain in some aspects, and its application scope is also different. In the future, it will continue to contact IOTA to find out more application possibilities. The Ministry of Science and Technology also stated that in recent years, the Ministry of Science and Technology has plans to cultivate new technology start-up companies. The Ministry of Science and Technology has suggested that IOTA can reach out to new entrepreneurs in Taiwan. Through the kinetic energy and potential of start-up companies, the development and application of IOTA can be very successful. Big breakthrough. Asia and Silicon Valley also promised to introduce the IOTA plan to partner companies in the future so that this brand new technology can connect with Taiwanese companies.

In addition to innovation and technology, Cocoon has also been concerned about the development of laws and regulations and the impact of technology on Taiwan. Taiwan has a lot of manufacturing technology experience. I think Taiwan should think about how to respond to the impact of future science and technology, how to apply existing technologies and experiences in the research and development of innovation and technology, and then expand Taiwan’s industry.

Hsu Yu-Jen hopes this meeting can serve as the beginning of the development of Taiwan’s IoT technology, open the thinking of Taiwan’s government application of science and technology, use innovation to drive legislation and policy formulation, and give Taiwan new possibilities in the future.

Julie Maupin Hsu Yu Jen IOTA

毓仁號召各部會與IOTA基金會,研擬國家物聯網戰略 was originally published on facebook.com. It was translated by the IOTA-News Community. The Community curates, examines, and summarizes news from external services while producing its own original material. Copyrights from external sources will be credited as they pertain to their corresponding owners. IOTA-News.com´s purpose is to make use of partial 3rd party content or pictures as either allusion or promotional endorsement of mentioned sites.

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