Interview with Tobias Martin Zeitler (Tobi MZ)

The full article was originally published by Daniel De Michele on IOTA Hispano. Read the full article here.

I met Tobias in late 2017 at one of the first meetups in Munich. Back then we didn’t fill a bar table, but we still had a great time talking about IOTAs vision and possible future while drinking (a lobeer).

I’m not mistaken, if I say Tobi’s contribution has increased a lot the popularity of IOTA in Munich this past months.
I thank you very much for all your efforts and wish you the best of luck in your professional future.

Daniel Telschow
Writer IOTA Hispano
IEN Member

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Can you tell us a bit about yourself? When and how did you get involved in the DLT-sector?

Sure, I’m 27 years old, studying biochemistry and doing my Master’s in Munich. At first glance this is completely unrelated to DLT and IT, but I am very curious and try a lot of different things in my life, like scuba diving or bush-craft and survival. I always need new challenges and I’m bored by day-to-day life. I enjoy exploring, researching and developing, so I have tried many things, such as programming, 3D printing, lock-picking, photography, woodworking and so on and so forth in my life. My curiosity and my inner motivation drive me to learn new things and have brought me to DLT.

You did and are studying Biochemistry. When and how did you realize that IoT-solutions and programming where more exciting for you?

I’ve been interested in programing for quite a while now. I started developing and building my first software at the age of 22. The blockchain journey started with an internship in bioinformatics, where I analyzed MM/MD simulations of the Hepatitis C Virus Protease to characterize mutations and enhance drug development in the long term. This is how I got into IT again. A friend of mine made me curious about cryptocurrencies, so I investigated Bitcoin in August 2017 and bought some. I was interested in the technology, because I wanted to understand my investment. As a consequence, I started to learn everything about blockchain and its limitations. Driven by my scientific background and my urgent inner need to solve problems, I was searching for better alternatives. This is how I eventually got into IOTA and IoT.

When was the first time you heard about IOTA? What was your first thought?

The first time I heard about IOTA was in late September 2017. I was amazed by the beauty of the tangle itself and the fairness within the core protocol.

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The full article was originally published by Daniel De Michele on IOTA Hispano, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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