IOTA — Singapore meetup Jan 2019

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IOTA — Singapore meetup Jan 2019

IOTA Meetup was held on 30 January 2019 in Singapore with over 20 attendees to understand and discuss the novel DAG based TANGLE network solution for next level IOT use cases. The meetup was hosted by AKITA team and the main representative Nino Ulrich, Co-founder, AKITA taking the discussion forward on the event.

Nino talked about the proceedings and development in the IOTA protocol and the POCs that their team has achieved over the last few months. The meetup covered discussions about the manufacturing industry pain points and how they helped the Fujitsu team develop a working prototype solving one of their main processes.

He shared how AKITA team is so oriented towards developing POCs based on Machine to machine interactions and have been working on an IOTA based robot to achieve optimum process management in the booming Energy sector, being one of the most interesting points of discussions in many countries.

There revolved some interesting discussions about the IOTA network scalability and practical use cases in the real world. The developer-friendly IRI client for interacting with the TANGLE network was discussed upon with the upcoming lightweight ICT client which is super easy to be installed on low computing intensive machines such as Raspberry Pi. The talk showed how to do a ZERO fees network transaction using IOTA network and leverage it into many public facing use cases. It even put up the metrics for a streaming based solution feasibility to be implemented on the TANGLE network. The network behaviour on spamming or free transaction abuse was visualised and scrutinized to the handling process.

At the venue FabCafeSG, a use case that everyone came up towards the wind up was using a distributed coordinated instruction set for a 3d printing machine which in cohesion with the TANGLE was given a set of predecided instructions for the 3d machine to execute from all over the IOTA participants. One output of the 3d printing machine installed at the venue was something like below:

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The full article was originally published by Hitesh Goel on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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