IOTA Grants Update Recap II


The IOTA Grants program supports blockchain projects in the IOTA ecosystem. Since the last update, 20 out of 82 applications have been awarded grants, totaling $2,365,000. Funded projects span categories from decentralized exchanges and NFT marketplaces to GameFi and tooling.

The IOTA Grants program supports blockchain projects in the IOTA ecosystem. Since the last update, 20 out of 82 applications have been awarded grants, totaling $2,365,000.

The Grants Program in Numbers (as of June 1, 2024)

Applications Received: 82
Grants Awarded: 20
Total Granted: $2,365,000

Grant Recipients

SYMMIO / IntentX

Category: Perpetuals

Website:  / X: @symm_io

SYMMIO is an omnichain settlement and clearing layer for derivatives. It offers Derivatives as a Service (DaaS), enabling new or established decentralized exchanges (DEX) to seamlessly introduce a derivatives product into their stack. SYMMIO delivers the equivalent of the Binance Futures Market on-chain with up to 60x leverage, without the need for any technical implementation or additional liquidity from DEXs, thanks to its established Solver network.

Velocimeter / Graphene

Category: DEX

Website: www.velocimeter.xy  /  X: @VelocimeterDEX

Velocimeter is a ve33 protocol with several modifications, including option token emissions, LPs backed by veNFTs (known as veLPs), emissions scaling based on gauge count, and permissionless gauges. They aim to optimize the ve33 model, offering more flexibility and efficiency in token emissions and liquidity provision.


Category: DEX

Website: / X:  @PopsicleFinance

The WAGMI protocol is a limited Total Value Locked (TVL) decentralized exchange (DEX) that focuses on advanced liquidity provision strategies, and leverage. It utilizes concentrated liquidity, allowing liquidity providers to allocate capital within custom price ranges, optimizing returns, and ensuring deep liquidity. The protocol also features active liquidity management, using an auto-rebalance mechanism to adapt to market conditions and maximize rewards.


Category: DEX

Website:  / X: @MagicSeaDEX

MagicSea is a well-known DEX and NFT marketplace on IOTA EVM. The MagicSea Builders Program is designed to boost IOTA EVM’s growth by increasing the number of successful projects, users, TVL, and trading volume. Targeting promising projects that want to innovate within the DeFi ecosystem, the program operates in three-month seasons. Up to three projects are selected per season to receive comprehensive support in smart contract development, token economics, launch strategies, marketing, and B2B collaborations. The grant supports the program and provides liquidity for the top project’s native token pool on MagicSea, enhancing security and TVL for the chain.


Category: DEX

Website:  / X: @otseaERC20

OTSea is an ecosystem dedicated to facilitating peer-to-peer trades across various chains, initially launched on Ethereum. The OTSea dApp serves as an intermediary, offering configurable trading parameters to protect users from scams via trustless smart contracts. Key features include an auto-match system, buy and sell orders, crowd-funded OTC orders, a Telegram bot integration, and fee sharing for partnered projects. The team chose IOTA EVM as a strategic choice to support and grow within new infrastructures.


Category: NFT Marketplace

Website:  /  X: @Epoch_0

EpochZero offers comprehensive NFT analytics through two primary platforms: the resident bot and the web portal. These tools deliver insights, data, and a market analysis related to NFTs within the IOTA ecosystem. A Discord bot provides real-time market insights and data commands, while the React-based web portal enhances data presentation and interactivity. The project also includes a marketplace that aggregates listings with plans to enhance user experience through advanced features in future updates.


Category: Yield & Asset Management

Website:  /  X: @furucombo

Furucombo offers custom DeFi strategies by combining different protocols and actions in a single transaction. It features a user-friendly interface, allowing users to construct and execute complex DeFi transactions without advanced technical knowledge. Built on IOTA, Furucombo aims to enhance the IOTA ecosystem by attracting more users and funds, boosting security and reliability, and fostering collaboration with the IOTA community and other projects.


Category: Yield & Asset Management

Website:  /  X: @ApeBond

ApeBond, formerly known as ApeSwap, is a DEX and DeFi ecosystem founded in February 2021 on BNB Chain. With a history of over 18 billion US dollars in total trade volume and a peak TVL of nearly 600 million US dollars, ApeBond maintained a lending network with a peak TVL of 100 million US dollars. Transitioning from liquidity farming, ApeBond now focuses on decentralized fundraising and Over-the-Counter (OTC) services, helping projects raise capital and liquidity from their native token treasuries without negatively impacting token prices, both pre-and post-Token Generation Events (TGE).


Category: Tooling

Website:  /  X: @sherlockdefi

Sherlock is launching an Audit Subsidy Program in the IOTA ecosystem to provide financial assistance for high-quality protocol developers, enabling them to secure professional smart contract audits. This program will blend traditional audit methodologies with a broad participation of security experts through audit contests. By enhancing the long-term security of projects in the IOTA network, this initiative will encourage emerging protocol teams to develop on IOTA. The program will reduce financial and developmental barriers, fostering innovation and increasing user trust across the network.

Single Finance

Category: Yield & Asset Management

Website:  /  X: @single_finance

Single Finance is a platform designed to enhance the yield farming experience with a user-centric approach. It offers a variety of features such as; performance analytics, auto-compounding, risk management strategies, seamless yield farming, automated features, and a capital protection bot. These are aimed at allowing users to maximize returns while minimizing risks. Single Finance also supports community governance through the veSINGLE token.

Rango Exchange

Category: Aggregator

Website:  /  X: @RangoExchange

Rango is a bridge and DEX aggregator enabling seamless on-chain and cross-chain swaps, finding the most efficient, safe, cheap, and fast routes. Rango Exchange supports more than 55 blockchains, 100 DEXs, 22 bridges, and 24 wallets, providing a powerful multi-chain platform with a user-friendly interface. The platform aims to expand to scalable networks like IOTA, enhancing usability and attracting new users and transactions.


Category: GameFi

Website:  / X: @SaltminesCo

Saltmines is a robotic Player vs. Player battle arena racer featuring EVM-to-EVM battles. Saltmines seeks to unite ecosystems by providing a game where players from multiple networks can interact. The ultimate goal is to attract Web2 users, focusing on creating a fun game first before introducing tokens and NFTs, gradually leading users into the Web3 space through gameplay, economic activities, and community engagement.

We’re pleased to welcome these projects and support them in their growth. Stay updated and engage with these innovative projects by following them on X and joining their communities on Discord for the latest developments and opportunities to participate.

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