“IOTA Tangle” to manage Air Pollution in cities

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Be a part of the SOLUTION, not part of the POLLUTION

The most frequent, constant and important news we read and listen almost round the year is the poor condition of the environment and the hazards which comes along with it. Delhi, the national capital of India, has to go through this chronic issue of poor air quality particularly during the winter months, and it is not the only city in the country and the world. Many other cities share the same fate as it.

The AQI — Air Quality Index — becomes the most important index of our lives and decides if schools and offices will be functioning during this time or not. This is not the most ideal situation for the environment and reasons like development and lack of awareness can’t be a reason enough to keep accepting this year after year.

The responsibility to keep the environment clean lies not only with the government but also with corporate and every citizen. The probability of “AQI” deciding what we do with our day to day life will greatly diminish if all concerned pull in their weight towards this goal. There can be a two-pronged approach to manage this issue — proactive, where we limit the causes which lead to pollution, and a reactive one where we take steps to clean up what has already been dirtied. The proactive approach is definitely the most preferred one but it has its own limitation and that is where reactive approach can fill the gaps.

I will touch upon one such reactive approach in this write-up which can be of great help to manage the menace of air pollution. I will detail out some recent development in technology like IOTA, a DLT akin to Blockchain but tailored for machine to machine communication and better scalability, and various IoT devices which can be leveraged to contain this problem.

Major challenges in the current Landscape

One of the challenge faced today is the ability to gather enough and credible information about pollution at a particular location. We regularly come across static pollution meters installed at important hotspots and location. These meters do a good job at recording the required index but doing so at the same location is an overkill at times and poor utilization of the device. The index the device records over a period of an hour will probably not be much different.

How we utilize the data we have gathered is equally important — an effective and timely action predicated on real time data is extremely critical. An ecosystem which automatically reacts to specific triggers will go a long way in providing timely relief to the general population.

The last parameter which is equally important is incentivizing and rewarding the participants of the ecosystem, and at the same time find methods of involving as many stakeholders in the ecosystem as possible.

Challenges in current landscape

Pollution management of future: Proposed solution

A network on the back of IOTA Tangle & the iota cryptocurrency integrated with IoT devices for data collection and other smart devices which react to a breach in threshold of an index. A government body like the municipality or the pollution control board can be the overall administrator of this network.

Vehicles installed with IoT devices capable of recording and transmitting pollution related indices to Tangle has the potential of becoming an apt solution to the issue of real time collection of data. Vehicles — part of the public transport fleet or even those owned by individual citizens who regularly travel through a specific route can be encouraged to be part of this network. The motivation for such vehicles to be part of the ecosystem would be the additional income of iota in exchange of the data they collect and transmit.

Industrial grade mobile air purifiers, also part of the ecosystem, will be the smart devices which react to a breach in threshold of an index and performs the role of relief provider. These devices will be reimbursed in iota for the air purification they perform.

Service providers — like vehicle servicing centers and gas stations — can be encouraged to accept iota’s as a financial instrument for payment. This will ensure that vehicles have appropriate avenues to spend the iota which they have earned.

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The full article was originally published by Nishant Sinh on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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