IOTA Trinity Desktop 0.4.1 is out!

To update open Trinity -> Check for updates or download at

Release 0.4.1 changelog:

– Update: Highlight receive address checksum
– Update: Complete address tooltip on Send page address input
– Update: Ledger device accounts can send 0 value transactions
– Update: Prefix SeedVault export file name with Account name
– Update: Increase request timeout for all network calls to IRI
– Fix: New account addition results in crash on node errors
– Fix: Unresponsive login button if keychain is not available
– Fix: Cannot add Ledger device account with a specific page
– Fix: Cannot use multiple Ledger devices with the same index
– Fix: IOTA App request does not respond when opening the app
– Fix: Incorrect back navigation when setting Account name
– Fix: Provide correct key index for generating addresses

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