IOTA Trinity Update – 12th October

It’s been a while since we posted an update, so here’s an overview of the things we’ve been working on in the past few weeks.

Something that has been on many community member’s minds is Trinity Ledger Nano S integration. We are pleased to be able to share that we are in the final stages of implementation and will be beginning alpha testing in the coming days. Details to follow.

While integrating Ledger, we have begun a process of modularising certain functionalities, starting with seed storage/handling. The added flexibility of modular code gives more room for later expansion. In the case of seed storage, it simplifies the task of integrating other hardware wallets in the future.

On the mobile side of things, the codebase has undergone a major refactoring job. We have upgraded the navigation library and implemented a global modal system, among other things, to make for a leaner and more performant codebase. We have made a number of changes to the UI for iPhone X and XS versions, to make better user of the larger display.

We have made some adjustments to the core transaction logic. Address input selection has been refined and now follows best fit (as oppose to first fit). This has benefits for Proof of Work time and reduces the spread of balances across addresses. We have also been working on the important feature of used address sweeps. When using IOTA, it is possible to end up with funds on a spent address (although very unlikely when using Trinity). For the purpose of security, Trinity does not currently allow you to spend these funds. However, with the introduction of sweeps, we can move these funds to a safe address in a secure manner.

Meanwhile, we have been putting our heads together to come up with a novel solution to the problems of address reuse and the possibility of a Trinity address book. Hans Moog has devised a very intriguing proposal and we suggest you take a look at his blog post series over the next couple of days [].

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