IOTA Trinity Wallet Update – 21st May

Here’s this week’s update:


  • Updated: Additional translation strings
  • Updated: Add node sync check before sending transfers
  • Updated: Add additional alert when waiting for other transfers to confirm
  • Updated: Add additional alert when funds are detected at spent addresses
  • Updated: Add additional spentFrom validation check prior to sending a transfer
  • Fixed: Refine account syncing to accommodate better for out of sync nodes
  • Fixed: Display an alert if auto-promotion fails due to lack of remote PoW support
  • Updated: Change PoW to local when changing to a node that does not support remote PoW
  • Updated: Alert user that remote PoW is not available when changing node
  • Updated: Block changing PoW to remote if node does not support it
  • Fixed: Fix error associated with checking consistency for tails below max depth
  • Updated: Refine theme colours
  • Updated: Add support for deep links without a double slash i.e. iota:


  • Fixed: Occasional crash when first initialising QR scanner on Android
  • Fixed: Delay in Android status bar colour update on alert close
  • Fixed: Incorrect status bar colour when modal is open on Android
  • Fixed: Freeze when pulling in significant number of new transfers
  • Fixed: Incorrect display of no connection error on start up
  • Fixed: Disable navigation from welcome screen when user has no internet connection
  • Updated: Sync account before auto-promotion -> effectively leads to multi-account syncing -> i.e. you don’t need to have an account selected for it to stay up-to-date
  • New: Add improved state migration function to avoid wallet reset on update
  • Fixed: Add activity spinner when changing node
  • Fixed: Do nothing if user attempts to change node to the currently-selected node
  • Updated: Redirect to login page on successful node change during login
  • Fixed: Block account switch on manual refresh
  • Fixed: Remove unnecessary View Seed back button
  • Fixed: Large tab bar visual bug on Android
  • Fixed: Occasional crashes on send and when opening unit info modal after manual refresh
  • Updated: Prevent login without internet connection
  • New: Add node change option to loading page after 10 second timeout
  • Fixed: Black text colour on copy-to-clipboard confirmation modal
  • Updated: Set MCAP and volume to chosen currency


  • Fixed: Node change failure bug
  • New: New user-friendly paper wallet design
  • New: Option to print blank paper wallet for writing down seed
  • Fixed: Don’t hide 0 value transactions unless filter is selected
  • Fixed: Remove red background issue from dashboard
  • Fixed: Narrow dashboard layout visual bug fixes
  • Fixed: Add max window size
  • Updated: Enforce 10 character individual letter randomisations when generating seed
  • Updated: Add separate component for wave visuals
  • Updated: Add QR code to printed seed
  • Updated: Update transaction amount input functionality to match mobile
  • Updated: New dashboard send and receive panel animations
  • Fixed: Icon visual bug fixes
  • Fixed: Alert overlap when viewing addresses
  • Fixed: Various other UI fixes
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