Less barriers for people trying Trinity, IOTA and the Tangle technology

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With the “Test The Tangle Text” event and a new telegram group “Free IOTA for testing”, the public IOTA project is trying to introduce people and companies to IOTA and the Tangle technology. Reduce barriers for people to try the Tangle technology and assisting others by removing friction is the aim oft that event.

Many experts call IOTA with the Tangle technology the cryptocurrency of a new generation. There are a number of factors that make IOTA interesting. In summary, there are 5 areas where IOTA clearly hits other cryptocurrencies:
• The transaction rate
• The scalability
• The feasibility of micropayments
• The efficiency
• The verifiable manipulation security
The upcoming Coordicide, so the removal of the coordinator, makes IOTA an even more attractive technology, which is distinguished for many applications, not only in the IOT. With yesterday’s announcementOpen Sourcing of the GoShimmer Prototype,” the IOTA Foundation has taken a step in that direction. It states, “Over the coming months, the Coordicide team wants to work in progress on this initial prototype forward towards a public alphanet.”

The goal of our event “Test The Tangle Text” is to persuade many people to test the cryptocurrency IOTA and the Tangle technology to convince themselves of the positive qualities of this extraordinary technology.
To send and receive IOTA you need a wallet. On the 2th of July the IOTA Foundation announced the full release of the Trinity wallet on all major mobile and desktop platforms. IOTA provides this new wallet for its eponymous cryptocurrency. The Trinity (Trinity) baptized software Wallet combines usability and security.

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The full article was originally published by Markus on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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