Meet Parksen’s Advisory Board — Episode 2: Dennis Schouten

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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the second edition of a brand new series about our advisors. Over the coming weeks, we will introduce the members of the Parksen Advisory Board. By highlighting their experiences, accolades and achievements, we aim to illustrate in which ways they can contribute to the success of the Parksen Green, Smart and Connected City Platform.

Introducing today’s advisor: Dennis Schouten.

Dennis is an experienced IoT member with a proven record of working within the computer software industry as a (freelance) consultant. Additionally, he is an equally experienced business development professional who’s skills include negotiations, operations management, sales, government, NGOs and management.

Currently, Dennis holds a seat on the steering committee of the IOTA Evangelist Network, and is one of its driving forces in the Netherlands. Members of the IEN are “people who build a critical mass of support for the IOTA technology, and subsequently establishes IOTA as a technical standard within the global market”.

IOTA, and IEN with them, believe that, with the rise of IoT, “the need for interoperability and resource sharing will become a necessity”. They see countless of possibilities for B2B data sharing, in a secure and modernized way, based on micro-payments. Given Parksen ambitions to create smart cities driven by IoT devices and data-sharing, we are following their developments closely.

What is his role within Parksen?

We hope to see Dennis play an instrumental role within our research and development of IoT devices and smart city development. His knowledge and network within the industry, as well as his ties to IOTA, make him a very valuable asset for our company.

The European Parliament has dubbed the synergy between Blockchain, IoT and AI as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. No doubt IOTA will be a very big player in making this reality, and that makes them an organization to watch.

What does he think of Parksen?

I am confident that Parksen’s business plan to create a Smart City Platform without the obstacle of seeking government funding is a solid approach and commercially very interesting. As a consultant, I see a lot of interested parties willing to adapt IoT solutions. Parksen radically changes the funding structure, and this is a solid move which will allow them to start multiple projects within a short time frame. Besides wanting to be the leading Smart City solution company, Parksen is also looking for a solid IoT data-protocol and that is where IOTA came in. I am going to advise Parksen on numerous fields and assist with implementing IOTA into their Smart City platform.

We are very glad to have Dennis in our corner and are very excited to see what we can achieve by working together. That’s it for today! Thanks for reading and stay posted for the next advisor.


Jan Heemskerk
Content Manager at Parksen

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The full article was originally published by PARQ on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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