#OMA Open-Source Challenges

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Do you want to learn more about open source? No Problem! We challenge you and ourselves to discover and learn more about open-source technologies and create a resume and share the results!

The Challenges

Our first challenge is to set up and establish a community-driven project. That means in short, the community can decide, what we do next. To reach that, we need a community that wants to lead and a core team that can handle the requests. With the challenges, we search for talented people for the core team and give the community the possibility to apply requests and vote for issues and challenges. Challenges can be tackled by multiple teams or working groups. But first, we take a look into the Working Groups.

Working Groups

We discover different technologies in Working Groups, where different experts work together and share the results with the community.


Solid (stands for Social Linked Data) is a project to decentralize the World Wide Web that is being developed by one of the web inventors, Tim Berners-Lee. The project is being developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


IOTA is an open-source distributed ledger and cryptocurrency designed for the Internet of things (IoT). IOTA enables feeless micropayments and high scalability. The IOTA Foundation drives the development and is a non-profit in Berlin, Germany.


The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a protocol and peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system.


OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a collaborative project to create a free editable map of the world. The data from OSM can be used in various ways including the production of paper maps and electronic maps (similar to Google Maps, for example), geocoding of address and place names, and route planning.

The Challenge List

  1. Order Management Calendar #4
  2. FAQ ChatBot — Open Source Machine Learning #5
  3. Setup a Deployment Pipeline (CD/CI) for Frontend Apps on IPFS #6
  4. Open Street Map — City Data Mapping #7
  5. Rewarding system for OpenStreetMap Contributions #8

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The full article was originally published by Huhn on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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