Part IV — The Qubic Network!

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Preface — Personally, I still don’t think anyone fully knows what exactly the Qubic Network will look like, or what kind of applications will be built on top of the final version. Part of that is simply because it is a new paradigm in which we must shift our minds from a traditional economy to a new machine economy. In this article, I try to describe not whether the example technically is correct or not, but more so what it could be. The fact is, the Qubic Network is being built to be a flexible structure that refines data into a digestible end product usable for the worlds digital applications. The Qubic Network will offer a platform on top of the Tangle which provides seamless Q-Contracts (as I call them). In the end, I may be incorrect, but I only intend to inspire thought, imagination, and discussion. I hope from reading below you get a bit of inspiration and somewhat of a possibility of what COULD be… also, please listen to the Planet Money link at the bottom of the article which ties into this as well.

The Qubic Network!

So now that we have a secure standard protocol for the global Internet of Things, what can we build on top of it? What can we do with this secure data flowing in and around the world from connected devices?

Let’s look at the concept, “Data is the new Oil”. What kind of infrastructure was needed for oil to power combustible engines which drove the 3rd industrial revolution?

  • Resource: Oil = Data
  • Extraction Tool: Oil Derricks = Connected Device
  • Transfer Infrastructure: Oil Pipelines = Tangle (Transfer Layer)
  • Refine & Processing: Oil Refineries=Qubic Network
  • End Products: Fuel and Petroleum Products = Data Which Fuels Digital Applications

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The full article was originally published by James Sutton on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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