Recycling System using IOTA

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Hello everyone, In the last article I talked about the implementation of a database system using Tangle and IPFS. Today I am going to present a use case for my database. I will create a recycling system. The recycling industry faces a serious challenge, The quantities of recycled materials is inconsistent and hard to estimate. So we will use Blockchain to solve this problem.

Application Scenario

Consumer#A wants to recycle his laptop, smart-phone or watch… whatever. Consumer#A scans his consumed product using NFC on his smartphone and go to our smart Trash. Our smart trash scan the NFC tag and send Consumer#A some MIOTA as rewards for recycling.

How It works

Assume a laptop factory interested in recycling his laptop after consumption by the user.

1- Factory well send all his laptop data and IDs to our system to be saved on our system. (IDs will be the key to access each laptop)

2- All laptops will be saved with states like:’ not found, found by Consumer #a, Found at trash#B’

The database will look like this:

3- All laptops will have NFC tags to write the ID.

4-Now consumer will scan the laptop he wants to recycle. Once you scan the laptop an API call will set the consumer as the owner of the recycled laptop.

Scan product using your phone

5- Whenever the consumer puts his laptop to our trash he will earn tokens as rewards.

The smart Trash scan product and check its owner to give token.

API implementation

First, I will start with the API design it will look like this:

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The full article was originally published by Yehia Tarek on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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