RRCC teams up with Hedgey Finance to bring free Token Management Tools to Shimmer EVM

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We’re excited to announce the Rusty Robot Country Club are working with Hedgey Finance to help bring their free defi tools to the Shimmer EVM ecosystem.

Hedgey provide secure token management for on-chain teams. Whether you’re an NFT project, a DAO, a global organisation, or a foundation — Hedgey support you with everything you need to get going and provide a secure and transparent token system for your community and team. Having worked with the likes of Gitcoin, Gnosis, Celo, BanklessDAO, and Shapeshift, Hedgey are an experienced team of builders dedicated to providing access to the essential tools required by any on-chain organisation.

One of the key focuses at the RRCC is to bring new features and experiences to the Shimmer EVM ecosystem. Working with Hedgey does not only offer the RRCC NFT community safety and security in the long-term vesting, management, and distribution of $RUST token, but it also brings a whole next level of token tools to the ecosystem for any project working with Shimmer EVM.

The RRCC are working with the Hedgey team to ensure they have a smooth transition and a warm welcome to the ecosystem and will be using Hedgey’s various tools to safely and securely manage the future distribution, vesting, and lockups of the $RUST token as it launches into this world on ShimmerSea Dex in November.

Who are Hedgey

Hedgey are a passionate team of experienced web 3.0 developers and experts who are dedicated to supporting projects from their pre-token stage through to unicorn status by offering tailored solutions that address each individual project’s unique needs.

Efficient token management is critical to the success of any blockchain-based project and Hedgey are committed to providing cutting-edge tools to streamline these processes. Hedgey empower on-chain teams to focus on their core mission by removing the complexities and challenges of token management, ultimately allowing them to reach their full potential.

What do they offer

Hedgey’s free (yes, 100% free) suite of tools offer many essential token management features that any project, DAO, or on-chain organisation will need when managing token distribution.

Vesting Plans

Token vesting lets on-chain teams issue vesting token plans to their team members. These vesting plans mirror traditional vesting in that they may include cliffs, backdated start dates, and flexible vesting schedules. Additionally, they are fully on-chain, revocable by the issuer/administrator, and built for the specific needs of on-chain teams.

Token Grants

Token grants allow DAOs to reward contributors, typically in the DAO native token, for specific and timely contributions to the DAO.

Hedgey grants helps to address the overheads in managing grant programs by any DAO or foundation. Allowing the DAO to distribute DAO tokens in a way that is more protective than lump sum payments and offering clear on-chain transparency of grant distribution.

Investor Lockups

Hedgey’s Investor Lockups allow on-chain teams to distribute tokens to investors that unlock over time on a predefined schedule. The lockups can be disbursed to multiple investors in a single transaction. They are not revocable, and they can be transferable or non-transferable. Transferable lockups could be moved to a cold storage or custody account without friction.

Once lockups have been distributed, you can view and track the unlocks and tokens claimed from an administrator dashboard. Investors can view and claim tokens from their investor dashboard.

Treasury Lockups

Treasury lockups are used to time-lock tokens and ensure token unlock on a predefined schedule. This allows a token treasury to build trust with the greater community and reduce risk through programmatic lockups.

Along with team vesting and investor lockups, treasury lockups ensure tokens unlock on schedule and prevent premature unlocks. These treasury lockups can be publicly shared with the community, for complete transparency and trust.

Treasury Swaps

Hedgey Treasury Swaps is an escrow free OTC product powered by Hedgey’s smart contracts that allows two parties to execute a token swap without using a third-party escrow provider. The system allows projects to easily collaborate and diversify project finance, whilst offering easy-to-execute OTC solutions, in a safe, secure, and feeless manner.

Working with Hedgey the RRCC are helping to bring more than just a new feature to the Rusty Robot Country Club but helping to bring industry leading tools to the entire Shimmer EVM ecosystem. Building bridges to other ecosystems and bringing in new tools will help us all to build the solid foundations the Shimmer EVM ecosystem needs to compete with the biggest and the best.

To find out more about Hedgey and their free (yes, we can’t stress this enough, absolutely FREE!) token management tools, check out their website hedgey.finance

Or reach out to their amazing team who are more than happy to help:
TwitteX — https://twitter.com/hedgeyfinance
Discord — 

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