Rusty Robot Country Club Main Collection NFT Sale

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With the Shimmer EVM launch a roaring success, the time has come to get this party started!

The RRCC will launch its main collection sale on October 27th 2023 at 1800 UTC.

The sale will happen in three stages:

  1. Whitelist Sale
    Prior to the main collection public sale, whitelist holders from the OG sale will have 12 hours to mint one single NFT and guarantee a place in the RRCC. The whitelist sale will occur from 0600 UTC on 27th October 2023 until the launch goes live on the same day at 1800 UTC.
    No whitelist slots remain, so please don’t ask.
  2. Main Collection Sale Phase 1
    50% of the Collection will go live for sale at 1800 UTC on 27th October 2023. An open, public sale, where anyone can purchase one NFT per transaction, and make as many transactions as they wish.
  3. Main Collection Sale Phase 2
    The remaining 50% of the collection will go live at 0600UTC on 28th October 2023, with the same open, public sale.

Splitting the sale into two halves allows everyone around the world the same opportunity to access the sale, without time zone constraints.

Sale Info

  • NFTs can ONLY be purchased directly through the official RRCC website
  • Mint price will be 500 SMR
  • There will be no additional whitelists, early access, promotional sales, or other minting activities.
  • All support will be provided through our official Discord

Do not share your info with anyone via DM. Stay safe.

How to mint

To mint a Rusty Robot Country Club NFT you must have a crypto wallet that supports EVM, such as Metamask, connected to the $SMR EVM network, with $SMR tokens already deposited in it. Then you can connect to the RRCC website and mint your NFTs.

Add Shimmer EVM Network to Metamask

  1. Click the Network icon in your Metamask Wallet

2. Click the Add Network button

3. Fill in the following information and save:

4. You can now select Shimmer EVM in your network selection list.

Send $SMR token to EVM using Firefly

  1. In Firefly wallet click the “Send assets” button.

2. Enter the amount of SMR to bridge over, ensure the ShimmerEVM network is selected, and enter the Metamask address beginning 0x…that you wish to send it to (hint: you can copy and paste your address by clicking on it in Metamask) then press the “Next” button.

3. Check the transaction information is correct and hit the Send button!

4. Your SMR will be bridged to your EVM address and visible in Metamask.

Minting an NFT

  1. Head to the Rusty Robot Country Club Website
  2. Click the Mint NFT button on the main page

3. Confirm the connection request in Metamask

4. Check the details and confirm the transaction in Metamask

5. Your NFT will be minted on Shimmer EVM and visible in your wallet!

6. Repeat as many times as you want

Be sure to check the website in your browser to ensure you are on the official RRCC website

We will publish the collection contract address before the sale goes live.

Other info

Previous competition winners and promotional giveaway winners will also be airdropped their NFTs as soon as the sale goes live.

Upon close of sale, no more Rusty Robot Country Club Main Collection NFTs will ever be minted.

The complete supply of the collection will be 11,111.

There will be a 5% royalty on secondary market NFT sales for main collection NFTs this will be split equally between the Community Fund and the Project Development Fund. For OG NFTs the royalties will be 2.5%.

What follows the sale…

With the sale complete, the next phase of the RRCC will begin and the RRCC Collection will be added to ShimmerSea NFT Marketplace.


Following the sale of the main collection, we will commence with the first airdrop and fair launch of $RUST token, the utility token for the Rusty Robot Country Club, through our partners and good friends over at ShimmerSea DEX.

Airdrops will be made on a “per NFT” basis. This means if you hold ONE NFT you will receive 1x the airdrop, if you own TEN NFTs you will receive 10x the airdrop.

OG NFT holders will receive 2x the airdrop (per NFT).

Previously farmed tokens collected by OG Holders in our Discord event in 2022 will also be airdropped these tokens at this time.

The launch will be a combination of airdrop and fair launch event on ShimmerSea DEX — an article on this will follow shortly.

Once $RUST token is live EVERYTHING else in the RRCC will require the use of $RUST token.


Once $RUST token is live we will begin to release the many features within the RRCC starting with NFT and token staking — an entire article on this will be published soon.

  • NFTs can stake for $RUST rewards — OG NFTs get 2x
  • OG NFT holders will also gain access to a special 10x $RUST pool
  • $RUST can also be staked for $RUST


Following the launch of $RUST the real party gets started and the RRCC will be officially open. Everything in the RRCC will require $RUST to interact with. We will follow the token launch with some serious releases and tools for creators and the community, all powered by $RUST.

  • Rusty Robot NFT Comics
  • Rusty Records NFT Music
  • NFT DAO proposals & voting
  • Royalty Rewards NFTs
  • RRCC Merch & Phygitals
  • Creator Space Music & Art Launchpad
  • Community Ecosystem Fund
  • $RUST powered tools
  • And, a whole lot more!

Revenue Streams

The RRCC has been built out by over 20 individuals from all around the world with loads of ideas on the ways in which we can continue to work with the community and creators to push the boundaries of what we can achieve together. The various different revenue streams we will be establishing will be written about in more detail and shared in an article about the brand as a business.

Over two and a half years in the making the RRCC is about to break free.

Let’s get this party started!

BeeP bOOp!

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