Skaly – Bringing tamper proof health data to the insurance industry

SKALY is a distributed ledger technology focused start – up within the insurance and E-health industry. Offering a TAMPER PROOF data link between insurers and clients using a revolutionary foot – ID weighing scale
(working prototype).

Business opportunities & trends


  • Strengthening analytics & exploring data monetization
  • Interacting on major future claim drivers: i.e. Obesity and physical inactivity


  • Expecting more flexible products

Data collection process

  • The client checks in on time based intervals (e.g. weekly, bi – monthly, monthly) with the foot – ID weighing scale
  • Scale identifies client and measures metrics such as weight, BMI and fat percentage
  • Insurers receives its clients data through secured SKALY’s IOTA based API
  • Insurer is able to incentivize client and easily monetize data to third parties through SKALYs API

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