Tangle and the internet of Things, allied technologies for the IOTA

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Tangle and the internet of things are two technologies that, although they share much in common, are different, but not necessarily the opposite.

The Tangle protocol was born as a response to the need for a payment processor and token own IoT or Internet of Things. Given its nature, blockchain technology could not be the best for reasons such as high commissions.

There IOTA was born and the protocol that supports it, whose principal characteristics of Tangle are:

  •  Zero commissions
  • Faster transactions
  • Better security
  • Infinite scalability

The characteristic of null commissions derives directly from the fact that the miners are dispensed with. As IOTA does not need validation by the miners, the cost of extracting the system is zero.

Also, transactions are faster since this variable is proportional to the time of propagation of the technology. This means that the more transactions, the faster they will reach their destination.

It can also be said that it is safer even though it is simpler; since the immutable book of accounts; decentralization and non-mining (in addition to the relatively low value of the currency) make transactions less risky.

Finally, the characteristic of infinite scalability responds to the way transactions are validated. To make a new transaction; validation of two previous transactions is required.

And how the system is designed for micropayments made with quantum tests; the transaction (which would theoretically be mining) can be made from a common computer or from a cell phone equipment.

Tangle and the internet of Things

The Internet of things is where you apply IOTA and the point of sale on your launch platform.

The technology that applies IOTA is similar to Raiden Network or Lightning Network; the cutting edge technologies in nature. Bitcoin’s central development team was the first to propose the use of Lightning Network to address the token escalation debate. But that’s more in theory than in practice; it’s widely accepted by the community for lack of proof of stability.

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The full article was originally published by IOTA Latino on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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