Tangle Universe BETA 1.0 has been launched and 2.0 is in progress

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With this beta phase we have put our Tangle Universe project on a completely new basis. This was especially necessary because many of the planned new features that will come with the BETA 2.0 phase cannot be implemented with the old base. The features of the Alpha test phase that were tested positive were still retained and some new features were created with this BETA 1.0 version:

• More user-friendly entry mask

• Filterability of the category on the world map

• Listing partners can generate news

• Listing partners can create their own profile in addition to the listing.

With the news opportunity, we have created the first step towards dynamic exchange. But we don’t want it to stay that way. With the future Tangle Universe BETA 2.0 project we have some plans. We want to create a win-win situation between our listed partners and potential users from industry and commerce. Tangle Universe will thus become a very lively project in the future, enabling industrial partners and potential venture capital and funding providers to optimally exchange information with the IOTA and Tangle spectrum. We will enable larger and also smaller companies from industry and commerce, which fit thematically to IOTA and Tangle applications, to register separately, so that they can experience the full spectrum of the possibilities of IOTA and Tangle on this platform through our Listing Partners. Thus, the providers of information and networks through our “Supporter” & “Events” will provide the important basic information, the interesting IOTA “Projects”, and “Applications” will bring the practice closer, the listed experienced service providers and their services for IOTA will be contacted and used quickly and the user can also quickly get to know the trading opportunities through our “Exchange” partners, a selection of developers in this environment can help realize projects. With this we would like to help to promote cooperations, partnerships and contract awards with our Listing Partners through an exchange of information as well as to increase the possibilities of financial contributions for our Listing Partners. In the future, we will implement a number of measures to make this possible.

Tangle Universe BETA 1.0

After basic tests with the alpha phase of our Tangle Universe project were carried out and important information about the functions could be collected, the beta version of the Tangle Universe project is now published. Already during the Alpha test phase, we could win many partners and so we enter the BETA 1.0 test phase with nearly 40 listings. But that’s not all.

The Tangle Universe Project is more than only a database project that should facilitate the search for suitable services. The aim is to further disseminate the technology of IOTA and Tangle and also to point out to newcomers as well as companies the important services, projects and contact points.

With this beta phase we have put our project on a completely new basis. The features of the Alpha test phase that were tested positive were retained and many new features were created.

The most important new features will be briefly presented here:

• More user-friendly entry mask:

The clarity has been improved. Listing partners can now see their entry options on one page. The superfluous has been omitted and further important fields have been created.

• Better design and clarity of listing:

The clarity of the detail view of the listing is to be significantly improved. However, the best design is still being worked on.

• Easy filtering of the category on the world map:

Different symbols have been assigned to the categories. You can filter according to these symbols on the world map of the tangle. Thus all categories can be displayed individually on the world map, but also a selected selection.

• Possibility for listing partners to generate news:

With this feature we give our listing partners the opportunity to bring their news directly to our blog. A selection opens the possibility to directly display the news assigned to the listing in the listing.

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The full article was originally published by Markus on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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