The tangle as decentralized message and queue service

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We’re proud to announce a new service that has been added to our tangle-as-a-service (TaaS) platform: messaging with the IOTA tangle (MAM messaging)

There are many messaging services available in the internet and of course in the cloud. But many of them are not platform independent and none is really decentralized. The IOTA Foundation has changed a lot in this area. With Masked Authenticated Messaging, they have created a very important cornerstone and a powerful protocol for sending and receiving messages in a decentralized environment. We use this powerful protocol to extend our new Tangle-As-A service. We combine the classic Message and Queue services into a very powerful toolkit.

Message service

There are countless message services. Many promise high scalability, availability and low implementation effort. In addition to these very important criteria, it is also very important to offer a message service that can also map data streams in real time and send the information securely to the correct receivers.

tangle based message service

As our message service is based on the tangle of the IOTA Foundation, our message service is almost the only one that fulfills these promises and provides at the same time decentralization.
You can safely send and receive data. You can also create countless message streams. Each stream is used to send a chain of messages to a selected group of recipients. There can be any number of senders as well as receivers. Additionally there is the possibility to send theoretically an infinite number of messages in one stream. In this way, real-time data streams can also be established. These characteristics alone make our message service so powerful. These messages are platform independent and can therefore be used in any system architecture. In addition, distributed system landscapes can communicate with each other without losing the security of a private network!

Queue service

In addition to the use as a message service, our approach also offers the use as queue service. As a message queue service, applications can be decoupled. The service can also be used to scale micro service architectures, distributed systems or serverless applications. Quickly set up, the service promises decentralization, high availability and maximum security.
The queue service follows the FIFO principle and thus ensures that one hundred percent of the messages reach the recipient(s) in the same order as they were sent by the sender(s).

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The full article was originally published by tangleMesh on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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