Trinity Desktop 0.5.0 Release

Like the recent Trinity Mobile release, this is a substantial update with changes across a wide variety of app areas. Notable changes include a new encrypted database for account & transaction history storage, support for deep linking, and the introduction of node quorum.

Download it here:

It is recommended that you first update to 0.4.6 before updating to 0.5.0.

N.B. Windows 7 is not currently supported in 0.5.0. Please continue to use 0.4.6 for the time being. A Windows 7 version will be available soon.


  • Node quorum – Trinity will query multiple nodes on particular API calls and only accept a result with 67% consensus, otherwise fallback to a safe result (#631)
  • Replace local storage with Realm database (#375, #1041, #1146, #1260)
  • Encrypt account history within Realm database (#1018)
  • Deep link support: useful feature for iota-centric e-commerce, where clicking a deep link prefills transaction data in Trinity (#1143)
  • Remove 2FA from all versions #(1292)
  • Node out of sync errors (#1392, #1405, #1436)
  • Use local time for SeedVault export file (#1178)
  • Add polling service for automatically retrying failed transactions (#1142)
  • Add missing domains to external link whitelist (#1237)
  • Large history performance improvements (#1293, #1276)
  • Fix bug where the full bundle is not stored on failed broadcast (#1018)
  • Fix bug where unspent addresses are reported as spent when reattaching (#1046)
  • Increase timeout for attachToTangle network requests (#989)
  • Autoretry with increased timeouts for getTransactionsToApprove and attachToTangle endpoints (#1285)
  • Don’t store invalid bundles constructed with local PoW nor mark associated addresses as spent (#1122)
  • Fix account duplication on account rename (#1077)
  • Add more default nodes (#1106)
  • Remove dead nodes from config (#1087, #1401)
  • Reduce quorum size (#1149)
  • Disable quorum on login (#1157)
  • Disable quorum on first account load and manual sync (#1258)
  • Disable quorum on migration (#1404)
  • Block untraversable bundles from being broadcasted (#1191, #1214)
  • Incorrect Realm type casting in state (#1394)
  • Ensure all RealmObject nested properties are converted to plain objects (#1431)
  • Refine snapshot transition function to find funds more easily (#1395)
  • Rewrite flexible Realm version to version migration setup (#1168)
  • Make sure we remove unnecessary realm storage files on deprecated storage path (#1358)
  • Show modal for Ledger errors related to udev (#1192)
  • Fix linux app icon (#1322)
  • Only trigger notifications for new transactions (#1323)
  • Validate SeedVault before attempting to import (#1432)
  • Add seed export unavailable explanation (#1383)
  • Transaction history search feature (#1340)
  • Align Entangled trunk/branch assignment with IRI (#1302)
  • Add node cluster (#1405)
  • Additional SeedVault export validation check (#1432)
  • Fix inability to cancel history refresh without Ledger device (#1101)
  • Fix receive pane closing automatically on Ledger account (#1101)
  • Various other bug fixes, changes and improvements
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