Trinity Desktop 0.5.1 release

Trinity Desktop 0.5.1 has been released. This build brings several stability fixes, improves error reporting and simplifies Ledger account creation.

Download it here:

### Changelog

– Fix: Display fatal errors on preload and initialisation (#1549)

– Fix: Missing Linux application icon (#1581)

– Fix: Windows 7 not deleting files on wallet reset (#1584)

– Fix: Windows 10 wallet failing to start if Windows 7 build was installed previously, and vice versa (#1585)

– Fix: macOS tray application not displaying fiat value (#1511)

– Fix: Changing account during Snapshot transition corrupting state (#1528)

– Update: Improve user experience when adding Ledger accounts (#1550, #1557)

– Update: Add device time suggestion to out of sync errors (#1485)

– Update: Ensure the error log is always updated (#1488)

– Update: Other minor alert improvements (#1488)

– Fix: Extra parameter causing node error when reattaching and promoting (#1503)

– Update: New translations (#1492, #1559)

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