Trinity Desktop 0.6.0 Release

This release brings a substantial rewrite of the networking layer. Trinity will now perform automatic node management in the background. Advanced users have the option to adjust a number of different node selection settings. There are a fair few stability fixes as well.

- New: Automatic node management and lots of configurability for advanced users (#1509)
- Update: Auto updates functionality improvements (#1705)
- Update: Add several wallet initialisation error explanations (#1727)
- Update: Enable Hardened Runtime on MacOS (#1751)
- Fix: Ignore system proxy setting is not saved (#1689)
- Fix: Wallet language resets to English (#1704)
- Fix: Windows installation should remove appData on uninstall (#1726)
- Fix: Wallet does not work on Windows when username has special characters (#1767)
- Update: Crowdin translations (#1657, #1680, #1719)
Closes #523, #544, #722, #892, #894, #1594, #1625, #1626, #1639, #1683, #1685, #1692
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