Trinity Desktop 0.6.2 Release

The new build brings a number of crash and bug fixes. Notably, migrations from < 0.5.0 versions to latest have been fixed.

Download it here:

Fix: Migration not successful when migrating from 0.4.x and below to latest (#1832) 
Fix: Incorrect already spent from address errors on transaction retry (#1835) 
Fix: Incorrect transaction failure alert when successfully broadcast (#1835) 
Fix: Quorum being conducted on transaction account syncs when explicitly turned off (#1835) 
Fix: Error-related crashes (#1833) 
Update: Add remote node list endpoint back-ups (#1811) 
Update: Add more verbose error log messages (#1834) 
Update: New translations (#1826) 

Closes #1538, #1386, #1815, #1422
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