Trinity Mobile 0.7.2 Release

Trinity Mobile 0.7.2 is out. This build brings significant changes to the networking layer, with a new automatic node management system and granularity of node settings.

- Networking overhaul with new automatic node management and lots of configurability for advanced users (#1509) 
- Block autoretry if a tx has a fatal error on retry (#1644) 
- Fix deep link behaviour (#1444) 
- Fix invalid address alert in deep linking (#1444) 
- Fix crash in Android 5.x (#1464) 
- Fix error due to incorrect parameter during reattachment/promotion (#1503) 
- Ensure the error log is always updated (#1488) 
- Add device time suggestion to out of sync errors (#1485) 
- Fix crash on setting passwords (#1554) 
- Fix long account name styling on transfer confirmation modal (#1569) 
- Fix chart and price API calls (#1595) 
- Remove dead nodes (#1646) 
- Correctly call promote & reattach actions during manual promotion (#1648) 
- New translations (#1446, #1492, #1516, #1559)
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