Trinity Wallet Update – 23rd April

An important takeaway from this update: If you run a node and would like to use it with Trinity, please ensure you support HTTPS.


Updated: Minor code refactoring
Updated: Greater test coverage
Updated: Add additional https-supporting nodes to node list
Fixed: Display alert if attach to tangle is unavailable when manually promoting


New: Prevent text from being available to iOS Universal Clipboard on copy
New: Enable Automatic Reference Counting and protect against stack smashing
Fixed: Issue where chart line fails to render
Fixed: Modal failing to close after cancelling fingerprint authentication on send
Fixed: Text input selection colour
Fixed: Toggle component visual bug
Fixed: Asking for fingerprint verification when amount is not specified
Updated: Address QR scan processing and error handling
Fixed: Crash on QR scan on Android
Updated: Android and iOS splash screens
Fixed: Android top bar visual cut-off
Fixed: Dropdown alerts rendering behind modals
Fixed: Keyboard close responsiveness when modal opens on iOS


New: Native PoW on Linux and Mac -> vast speed improvements
New: Transaction send progress bar and IOTA unit information
New: Added right click context menu on input fields
New: Added manual sync function to advanced settings
Fixed: Make messages in transaction history copyable
Fixed: Latest data point in 24h chart being wrong by one hour
Fixed: Theme switching causing unexpected wallet behaviour
Fixed: Remove unnecessary Linux/Windows native menu items
Fixed: Account removal bugs and localisation
Fixed: Account address view duplicate entries and clipboard copy containing spaces
Updated: Only allow custom nodes that use HTTPS

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