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One thing is clear! The more well-known IOTA and the more companies and people deal with IOTA, the greater the scope of application will be. Currently, the specialists mainly deal with IOTA but in the future, large sections of the population will also do so. At the moment, IOTA and Tangle are still in need of explanation for many people.

IOTA can become a centerpiece of the Internet of Things in the future. But currently, it makes the impression that the time factor is crucial, because IOTA competes with other cryptocurrencies for the crown in the Internet of Everything.

But this is exactly where the wheat will soon separate from the chaff and this will have an extremely big effect also on the IOTA price. Both directions are possible.

As Dominik Schiener said this year: “We either want to be a trillion dollar project, or nothing.”

The competition has started a long time ago. Of course, the often cited advantages of IOTA play a major role here. But also a growing awareness of IOTA among companies and the population are existential:

  • The IOTA Foundation does a really excellent job of advancing IOTA. Worth mentioning in this context are also the pioneering features of Qubic.
  • The big industrial partnerships allow big distribution.
  • The possibility of trading IOTA directly with Euros, Dollars or other FIAT currencies enables the future decoupling of Bitcoin.
  • The multitude of very good projects and real case applications. The countless members of the Foundation, the IEN and the independent supporter pave the way.

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The full article was originally published by Markus on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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