Welcome Andrew Greve to the IOTA Foundation

The full article was originally published by David Sønstebø on Medium. Read the full article here.

Andrew Greve is currently finishing his Ph.D. in Political Science at Rutgers University. He is an avid technophile, and has a strong interest in the intersection of governance and technology. Andrew holds degrees in History and Asia-Pacific Studies from Rowan University and NSYSU, respectively. Andrew is currently based in Taipei, Taiwan.

On joining IOTA

Just as IOTA is on the cutting edge of technology, the IOTA Foundation and community are similarly on a cutting social edge. I believe that the open nature of the IOTA ecosystem and community push the redefinition of the relationship between organization and community to new levels. As such, I am honored serve as the first steward of the Online Community Liaison role at the IOTA Foundation.

The Online Community Liaison (OCL) role is uniquely situated to provide benefits to both the community and the IOTA Foundation alike. Since community members are stakeholders in the project, their input and feedback form an important element of organizational governance and behavior. The OCL position is an important mechanism for ensuring that the Foundation remains aware of and responsive to community feedback and needs. The establishment of the OCL position represents a further step in the streamlining of communications at the IOTA Foundation, as well as a social investment in the community of enthusiasts and developers, and the broader world beyond. As a long-standing and active member of our online community and moderator team, we are all thrilled to have Andrew come into this role at this time! Give him a warm welcome.

The full article was originally published by David Sønstebø on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. Read the full article here.

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