Welcome Dyrell Chapman to the IOTA Foundation

Dyrell Chapman is an Architectural Technologist and technology enthusiast currently working as the Chief Enterprise Architect at Geometric Energy Corporation. As a co-founder of the company he has been involved in the research and development of numerous projects. He graduated from his program at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary, and has been working at Geometric energy since its inception in June 2015. His primary focus at GEC is prototype development, technical documentation and feasibility analysis for solar and vibrational energy harvesting.

While attending his program at SAIT he became fluent in drafting and BIM analysis, which he translated into technical analysis tools for prototype development and iterative design testing. In his youth he was an enthusiastic learner of basic programming languages, skills he used to aid in the development of an in house solar ray tracing program as well as an accurate solar tracking device for use with LCPV arrays. Recently his attention has become fixated on distributed ledger technology, IoT hardware design, and how to integrate the two fields with one another.

On joining IOTA

I am honoured to have been presented the opportunity to assist in the community development of Iota. I believe Iota to be an evolutionary jump in DLT development and I look forward to having the chance to help make the Iota dream come true. Decentralisation and smart contracting are the future, and I strongly believe Iota to be cutting edge with respect to their secure and scalable approach to distributed computing and ledger technology.

Dyrell was introduced to the project through our incredibly hardworking and talented Samuel Reid, it became apparent quite quickly that his co-founder Dyrell would be a great addition to the roster of the IOTA Foundation. His primary role at the Iota Foundation will be to aid in the refactoring of the current IRI, as well as developing JavaScript testing for software regression going forward. Give him a warm welcome!

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