XDK2MAM introduces IOT2TANGLE. A proposal to extend integration between IoT devices and IOTA

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After almost a year working on open source code to integrate the Bosch XDK110 sensor’s node with IOTA, we are now introducing a broader project involving integration of the most used IoT boards to prototyping or even for production.

Some months ago we released a post in IOTA Hispano. Back there, we already knew that to integrate this useful tool to prototype IoT was only the beggining of a wider roadmap. As that post, written on December 2018, states:

Yes, our roadmap is about the Bosch XDK110-Tangle integration, but there are too many devices out there and we are confident that we will be able to start working on solutions to integrate some of them as well. As we develop our XDK110 based roadmap, we aim to slowly build an open source Hub that will allow the community to start connecting devices to the Tangle.

Seven months later, we are happy to announce a proposal in the field of open source tooling to build that Hub, as we keep developing code for the XDK110.

Welcome to IOT2TANGLE

When we first heard about the XDK110 we thought it was an amazing IoT prototyping tool and we just embarked on the mission of writing the needed code to connect the sensor’s data with the Tangle.

While this node of sensors is really useful, the truth is that most IoT developers out there are using other cheaper/more specific boards to build their PoCs/projects.

We always knew that IOTA’s success is highly dependent on adoption and, therefore, to do what we did with XDK110 with this boards being used seems essential.

IOT2TANGLE is about reversing the process followed on XDK2MAM: instead of write code for a tool we think is useful, let’s find out which boards are being used by IoT devs and provide the code to integrate them with IOTA.

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The full article was originally published by XDK2MAM on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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