A Future Day with IOTA Part II — “Revelations”

The full article was originally published by Linus Naumann on Medium. Read the full article here.

Welcome to the second part of this fun, little scenario, in which a fully developed IOTA is incorporated into everyday life (part I). This time spotlight is on how an IOTA-based data-economy will change how we work. Footnotes explain how IOTA is positioned TODAY to enable suggested use-cases.

Hope you enjoy!

“Damn! Three million Dollars worth of vaccine are on the line here.”, Tom hears through his headphones on his way back home. “Customer needs us to proof quality within 4 hours, else they might need discard it. Can you take that on?”. Tom replies “Oh man Amalia, what happened?”. “They say parcel is stuck at border authorities.”

A final task before the weekend can start.

As he arrives back home Tom quickly jumps on his working chair, headphones still plugged in.

“Ok let me see. We need to check what happened to this batch step-by-step to see where´s the problem. Luckily all pharmaceutical products must have a digital twin¹ nowadays, with all data anchored on the IOTA Tangle². If anything´s fishy we´ll find it there.”

Amalia nervously clicks with her pen, while answering: “Alright tell me when you found something”

Two seconds later

“Found it!”

“What? That was quick!”

Tom continues: “Yeah the problem got highlighted by AI. Yellow data-warning. Looks like the shipping company had some low data-confidence score³ right before the parcel met border-authorities. I can see that the temperature-sensor on the inside of the vaccine-container went off at some point. If the vaccines heated up to much the whole batch can go right into the trash…”

Amalia answers: “The parcel went to Anchorage international airport in Alaska. If we´re lucky we could somehow proof things had no chance to heat up. How can we quickly get reliable temperature data from there?”

“I got an idea. Let´s try our luck at the open weather data-marketplace⁴.”

Amalia answers unpatientely: “Common it will not be 45°C in Alaska this time of the year.”

“Authorities don’t care about logic.”

“I know…”

Tom exclaims: “YES we are lucky: Both the airport and the city offer temperature data via their permanodes⁵. Also there is a decentralized temperature oracle⁶ in line with their data.”

“Great! How long until you get this data?”

“Let me see… They need intense KYC, proof of residence, identity, proof of business relations, and some other stuff.”

“Common we´re sitting on a time-bomb here!”, Amelia answers annoyed while starting to click with her pen again.

Two seconds later


“What? That was quick!”

“Yeah they accept IOTA identity⁷ so I had a 1-click KYC, which automatically proved everything to them by showing all verifiable credentials they need.”

“Man great job, problem solved! Send the report to the customer and we should be good to go.”

“Yep, already done. Customer seems to be happy. They just triggered my reward smart-contract⁸ and I got the bonus! Alright Amalia, I´m out for today, gonna meet with the boys for McGregor vs Poirer 7 fight-night. Have a good weekend!”

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The full article was originally published by Linus Naumann on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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