A unique virtual trade fair in the area of DLT, IOTA and the Tangle is planned

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You can already find Projects, Services & Friends of the Tangle in the Tangle Universe project. With Tangle Universe BETA 2.0 we will build the first virtual trade fair and a contact point for interested companies and people in the areas of DLT, IOTA and the Tangle, in the next months. It is intended to be a unique, powerful virtual trade show supporting this unique technology and developing new ideas for future applications. Furthermore, it is intended to support the financing of companies, projects and applications. For more information, read the topic „Financing of Tangle Universe“.

With the Tangle Universe project we want to bring together people, projects, applications and above all ideas from the IOTA and the Tangle environment with potential users of applications. The goal is to develop new ideas specifically for the respective applications. Basically similar to a permanent trade fair in the area of ​​DLT, IOTA and the Tangle where the “exhibitors” are the partners of Tangle Universe and ideas are developed in various small groups, with the “visitors” from the user site. Thus, a lively future platform with a lively exchange is to be called into being.

Tangle Universe BETA 2.0 will be created under the keyword: “tangle meets user”. With an „online permanent exhibition“, where real use cases and applications will be shown. Both background information, video, pictures but also technical details and of cause real online shows of the working Tangle are presented. These will be sorted under the corresponding topics (energy, automotive, supply chain, fin services, games, smart city, e-health).

The big headlines will be:

  • Virtual Exibition
  • Match Point
  • Funding Database
  • Working Groups
  • Webmeeting & Webcasts
  • Cooperation Exchange

So the Tangle Universe projekt will be a Match Point of IOT, DLT and IOTA where supply meets demand. Prominent partners have already confirmed their participation in some of our future working groups. I will report about it in another article soon.

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The full article was originally published by Markus on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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