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Think flood protection in a new and innovative way

topocare was founded to think flood protection in a new and innovative way. Started with a strong background in machinery and virtual product development we are more and more integrating IT in our products. This has led us in a very short time to become a machine and software developer, specialized on flood protection.

Considering the climate change, the issue of flood protection is becoming increasingly important for many parts of the world.

With our machines it is possible to lay huge sand or earth-filled geotextile tubes to build flood barriers for the purpose of permanent or temporary flood protection. The following pictures demonstrate the use of the tubes in both ways. Benefits from a geotechnical point of view are an erosion control and stability increase within the construction by enabling the use of a huge variety of filling materials. Especially lots of materials can be used which previously were not useable for barrier construction.
Use of geotextile tubes as flood barriers (left: temporary, right: permanent)

Our machines to build flood barriers

We developed two unique and worldwide patented machines to produce earth-filled geotextile tube directly on site in a continuous process. The invented technical solution allows us to build endless tubes.

Started with the idea of selling the machines, we shifted our business model to rent out the machines for constructions. The Pay-on-Production model, which is one target of our IOTA PoC, is the next logical step in further developing our business model.

The topomover

The topomover is optimized for construction sites and is capable of laying and stapling tubes on each other to build embankments. The following video shows the machine at our test facility.

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The full article was originally published by Simon Jegelka on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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