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  • The external structure is at 60%. One of the best carpenters from Grande Prairie, Ted Buck from Buck Bros Woodwork, is helping us out on weekly basis without charging for his skilled labor. Thank you Ted!
  • The 90 gallon fish tank was custom made and it is ready, it was a donation from GP Aquarium Cleaning. Thank you Ryan!
  • We bought two shelves from amazon.
  • We bought the Raspberry Pi 3 and Arduino Elegoo Uno through Amazon.
  • We bought the UV lights, Water Tubing, and Fans from Aliexpress.

Next Steps

  • We have to purchase the water pump, we are considering this one.
  • We have to purchase the growing medium, we are considering this one.
  • We have to build the trays to contain the plants. We have to research the best way to do it. Considering the squared dimensions, we would like to have one or two removable trays per level covered with some lid to stop light from reaching the water.
  • Set up an IOTA Node. We have been struggling with the DDNS settings, last week we got a domain with EasyDNS, the port forwarding is enabled, so at this point it is matter of trying again.
  • We have to start the development and configuration of electronic and digital systems.We will use Masked Authenticated Messaging.
  • We have to set up the water system and growing trays.
  • Get the seeds, fish, prawns and fish tank decorations.

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The full article was originally published by Gianfranco Campos on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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