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The environmental cost of our logistics, pesticides and plastic pollution, among others, are accelerating the shift of water cycles around the globe. As a result, rain patterns are changing at accelerated rates, leading us to unknown scenarios. This fact highlights the urgency of a new type of distributed agriculture with low environmental footprint and enhanced use of allocated resources, by new designs and ongoing analysis of production data.

Aquaponics is a proven technique with thousands of years of history that has been picking up in adoption recently because its low environmental footprint inherent efficiencies and healthy products. Even on its simplest form, aquaponics replicates the nature by growing fish and vegetables providing huge efficiencies related to land and water use, removing the need of pesticides and antibiotics. An aquaponic system creates a symbiotic relationship between all the organisms within the system and is always aiming to reach its homeostasis.

There are plenty of projects that have automated aquaponics systems with sensors and control mechanisms. However, there has not been a consistent and simple way to share reliable data regarding the performance of these systems, neither a feasible micro-payments alternative to purchase the end products directly from small producers.

Ayni means “to help” in quechua; our PoC aims to help small farmers to discover the benefits Aquaponics and IOTA by developing an automated system integrated with the tangle.

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The full article was originally published by Gianfranco Campos on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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