Building The Metamesh Community & Analyzing The IOTA Network

The full article was originally published by Claudio Atilano on Medium. Read the full article here.

Building The Metamesh Community & Analyzing The IOTA Network

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At Metamesh we believe your network has value and you can monetize that value through our platform. Community is a leading factor in the cryptocurrency space and one’s community can lead towards mainstream adoption. IOTA has one of the top 10 most collaborative communities supporting its development. Our goal is to foster the growth of the IOTA community through outreach and education, and in turn, begin to grow our own community.

Metamesh In Miami

We aim to increase the adoption of IOTA in our own backyard. By having the Miami tech community be a part of our development process, we can build a more efficient platform and grow exponentially. We look to empower entrepreneurs, developers, and startups to innovate with IOTA’s Tangle. We will be introducing IOTA to Miami in two events happening this month.

West Side Synergy

On April 18th, we will host a discussion about IOTA and its potential in several industries. IOTA already has several established partners and relationships with various governments that can propel it towards massive adoption.

West Side Synergy is a series of events in Miami bringing together researchers, inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Their goal is to create a tribe of creative problem solvers and thought leaders. West Side Synergy is sponsored by StartUP FIU.

StartUP FIU is an initiative focused on developing traditional and social entrepreneurship among students, faculty/staff, alumni and the South Florida community. FIU will focus its innovation and economic development strategy on bringing the university’s strengths from lab to market and from idea to enterprise — stimulating commercial investment and job growth in the process.”

The Majority of Metamesh’s founders are Florida International University (FIU) alumni. We invite you to our first event in Miami presenting IOTA to the local community. Sign up here.

Venture Cafe Miami

There is a very well known event that happens every Thursday in Downtown Miami, Venture Cafe Miami.

Venture Cafe Miami serves as the largest weekly convening of entrepreneurial, engaged, and creative innovators in South Florida. Their mission is to work collaboratively to make our innovation community more inclusive, diverse, accessible and better connected.

“We’re in the business of breaking down silos and firmly believe that the best place to start is to create spaces and places to meaningfully connect innovators to make things happen.”

If you’re in Miami we invite you to this event to learn more about this revolutionary technology and network with other innovators who share our vision. Sign up here.

We are very excited to expand the IOTA community in South Florida. Our goal is to help people understand that cryptocurrency is about more than price speculation, and that they can reach out to us with their questions regarding IOTA.

IOTA Network Analysis

Since we are creating a commercial product using IOTA and its network we want to monitor its growth and usage to track adoption. We are monitoring the following metrics:

  • Services conducted using IOTA: We are tracking TipIOTA transactions, Mine IOTA transactions and IOTart transactions. So far we have seen over 750,000 transactions using these services.
  • The amount of IOTA full nodes: Thanks to CarrIOTA Field nodes tracking this is easy. We are also tracking the nodes listed on IOTA Nodes.
  • Number of addresses in the 10 Mi-100 Gi range: The tangle explorer in gives us these numbers in their statistics section. Here we can extract the distribution of addresses and growth of a certain range.
  • The amount of community members: To attain this information we rely on Reddit Subscriptions to r/Iota and IOTA’s following on twitter.
  • The amount of sales conducted using IOTA: Thanks to Lacicloud for creating the PayIOTA application and its integration to WooCommerce and Magento. He has also enabled API endpoints to help us get the statistics of usage on PayIOTA.

We will be releasing a detailed report with several charts by the end of the month to see the trends of the IOTA network based on the data collected by the sources stated above. If you believe we need to include another data source, please feel free to leave a response so we can add it to the list.

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The full article was originally published by Claudio Atilano on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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