Metamesh’s IOTA Crowdfunding Campaign

The full article was originally published by Claudio Atilano on Medium. Read the full article here.

IOTA Based Crowdfund

At Metamesh, we understand that the market does not need another token. We want to focus on bringing the most value to our IOTA Community. This means that we need to build platforms using IOTA and have more Ecosystem Projects. When we found out about the IOTA Ecosystem and it’s Development Fund we thought we would be a great fit… until we read the fine print. The IOTA Ecosystem Development Fund will support open source projects that support IOTA. We don’t plan on open sourcing the platform because we aim to make Metamesh a commercial platform. As a team, we thought how else we could raise funds at such an early stage.

Many people at this point decide,

“Let’s do an ICO to fundraise!”

However, we see that an ICO will lead to several maintenance issues and we will lose sight of what truly matters. Creating a marketplace for the IOTA community. Focus means saying no to many things and saying yes to one.

We realized crowdfunding was the optimal way to fundraise at this stage. We were going to do a Kickstarter Campaign similar to this one but realized that it won’t answer some of the key questions we need answered. We decided to build our own crowdfunding campaign using IOTA. In which anyone can contribute to our crowdfund with IOTA!

Why Crowdfund?

These statistics have grown rapidly

By conducting this crowdfunding campaign we will be able to answer the following:

  • Does the IOTA community want a marketplace to use their IOTA?
  • Is the IOTA community willing to spend their IOTA?
  • Can we do crowdfunding without ICOs and still use cryptocurrency?
  • Does the community want to purchase a Lambo directly with their IOTA?

That last one is a joke… with potential to become true. Our goal is to fundraise $40,000 by June 5th to be able to create an Alpha build by Mid Q4 2018. The funding will go towards paying our necessities in order to be able to focus to creating our Alpha build. We are going full out Ramen Noodle and Cuban Cafecito(Coffee) mode. We want to see if the IOTA community wants a marketplace where they can use and earn IOTA.

If we fail to meet our goal by June 4th we will return the IOTA contribution amounts to their rightful owners. We will determine who owns what by providing a KYC process. You can see our fundraised amounts with a tangle explorer. We aim to be as transparent as possible with our crowdfunding campaign.

If we meet our fundraising goal within the crowdfunding campaign window we will exchange the funds for USD when we reach $40,000 and continue the crowdfunding campaign until June 4th. We want to give other interested contributors a chance to be a part of the crowdfund even after we meet our goal, similar to Kickstarter.

We understand that IOTA is a volatile cryptocurrency and we will take on the volatility while we reach our goal. This crowdfund can answer the questions stated above. We hope you join our crowdfund to create Metamesh and be one of its first users.

Metamesh Roadmap

Crowdfunding Rewards

We have created crowdfunding tiers with different rewards depending on how much you wish to contribute.

Alpha Tier Supporter ($75+ Contribution)

Alpha Tier Metamesh T-shirt Reward

You will receive:

  • A 5% discount on all products purchased on Metamesh for a whole year.
  • Access to Alpha & Beta version of Metamesh.
  • 20 invites to our closed Beta
  • A designer Metamesh T-shirt

Beta Tier Supporter ($50 Contribution)

You will receive:

  • A 5% discount on all products purchased on Metamesh for 6 months.
  • Access to Alpha & Beta version of Metamesh.
  • 15 invites to our closed Beta

Gamma Tier Supporter ($20 Contribution)

You will receive:

  • A 5% discount on all products purchased on Metamesh for 3 months.
  • Access to Beta version of Metamesh.
  • 10 invites to our closed Beta

Delta Tier Supporter ($10 Contribution)

You will receive:

  • A 5% discount on all products purchased on Metamesh for 1 month.
  • Access to Beta version of Metamesh.
  • 5 invites to our closed Beta

Supporter (1+ Mi Contribution)

You will receive:

  • Access to Beta version of Metamesh.

Upon registering as a contributor, we will contact you with instructions on how to contribute to the crowdfund. We will also be integrating Trinity deep linking onto the crowdfund to make contributing seamless!

Trinity Deep Linking Functionality

Competitive Landscape Analysis

After seeing several other companies apply a similar business model by bridging Social Networking and E-Commerce we have concluded that this has commercial potential. It is up to us to prove if Peer-to-Peer Marketing works and if a IOTA social e-commerce marketplace can work. By creating Metamesh we can empower the IOTA community to use IOTA as a medium of exchange. The ability to earn and use a currency gives it a big use case and leads towards stability as the velocity of its use increases to fiat usability levels. Many people will ask:

“How can I get IOTA?”

The only way for anyone to get IOTA is by buying it with another currency. Sure you can earn it if both parties agree on an IOTA payment but there is no platform available that connects these users. Alternative currencies allow their network users to earn their currency by mining or with masternodes. IOTA doesn’t have these features, thus we are creating a new way for you to gain IOTA besides purchasing it at an exchange.

Metamesh lowers the barriers to entry for anyone that wants to adopt the future Machine Economy. I can’t use the ElaadNL charging station if I don’t have IOTA. Well you can sell some items or share products you love to earn some IOTA on Metamesh, then charge away!

The Metamesh Community

Metamesh in Miami at StartUP FIU

We have been meeting with the local Miami tech community and been connecting with other blockchain meetup groups to gain local community support. Several people have stated that they want to use Metamesh and they hope it expands to other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies as well. We want to have everyone connect and state their ideas & concerns in one platform. That is why we will be creating our own Discord group. We can provide updates and answer questions much faster. Not only that, we can connect with each other and increase the Metamesh community! Be sure to join our Discord to be a part of the community!

Metamesh AMA

We will be having a AMA on Reddit where we can answer your questions on our development and how Metamesh will work. The AMA will be on May 18, we hope you join our AMA and become part of the Metamesh community!

Join our crowdfund to make Metamesh possible in the near future!

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The full article was originally published by Claudio Atilano on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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