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GoShimmer is the group of technologies that will lead to Coordicide (Coordicide = IOTA 2.0). Reaching Coordicide is a multi-step process, however, so Chrysalis is the name given to the intermediate phase transitioning from current IOTA 1.0 to future IOTA 2.0. Chrysalis is therefore referred to as IOTA 1.5.

We learned about the naming conventions for Chrysalis in Smoothing the Learning Curve. As a broad recap, Bee and Hornet are two software implementations that combine to make Chrysalis. That piece only dealt with Chrysalis (IOTA 1.5) terminology, and concluded:

It’s best to leave Coordicide terminology, “IOTA 2.0” terminology, and various research terms for another day … The expectation is that this terminology will remain in flux as the researchers progressively invent the language to describe their new findings as they go.

‍We left IOTA 2.0 terminology for another day. Well, it turns out that day is today!

The #Pollen Testnet Is Now Live!
We’re thrilled to release #Pollen, the first decentralized testnet for #IOTA 2.0. Read about the main feature updates and join us on this exciting journey towards an enterprise-ready IOTA.

— IOTA (@iotatoken) June 30, 2020

The IOTA Foundation released naming conventions for the three stages of IOTA 2.0 for the first time last month. The stages are named after the steps in the process of honey creation, which seems appropriate seeing as how terms like “Bee”, “Hornet”, and “HoneycombOS” are used for Chrysalis software. The IOTA Foundation proudly proclaims that they have continued with their Apoidea naming conventions.


According to the dictionary, taxonomy is the branch of science concerned with classification of organisms. Phylogeny differs from taxonomy in that it’s the study of evolutionary relationships between organisms. Taxonomy is based on phylogeny. In other words, it’s the evolutionary relationships between organisms which we use to classify the organisms.

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