Dominik Schiener presenting IOTA @ TV-Show “Markus Lanz” 20th of March

Dominik Schiener introducing IOTA to Markus Lanz

Dominik Schiener will be part of the German mainstream Television Show “Markus Lanz” on 20th of March. Dominik Schiener will introduce IOTA to an audience of about 2 Million German. Other guest are Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (German politician) and Manal al-Sharif (Arabian women’s rights activist). The Live-Show is already sold out but it will be broadcasted on Markus Lanz ZDF-Mediathek soon. IOTA Co-Founder David Sønstebø posted already about it!


Markus Lanz is produced by the Hamburg TV production company Fernsehmacher. The respective program is not under a general theme. Rather, Lanz usually talks to each guest individually about a current topic, in which the guest is either involved or for whom he has expertise. Insofar as this results from the situation, the other guests contribute to the individual discussion or discuss it. Typical topics are z. For example, current political, social or sporting events. Also, guests often come on the basis of a new film or a new book in the broadcast. The guests are mostly more or less prominent and known to a broad public. In part, but also unknown persons are invited. The guests are very often politicians, actors, musicians, athletes and journalists. In addition, celebrities who have not appeared in public for a long time are regularly invited without a specific current event.


About Markus Lanz

Markus Lanz was born on 16 March 1969 in Bruneck in South Tyrol, Italy, and grew up in Geiselsberg. After attending a humanist monastery school at the monastery Neustift in South Tyrol, he graduated in 1988, the Abitur and then made the military service as a radio operator and mountain fighter his military service. On April 23, 2008, Markus Lanz celebrated his debut as a presenter on ZDF. The native South Tyrolean was particularly pleased that his first program was the donation gala “Alles Gute Karlheinz Böhm”: As a UNICEF sponsor, he was already in Ethiopia himself to support local development projects.

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