Interview with Antonio Nardella, Digital Business Architect and Italy RCL

On 2018 many people from the IOTA Ecosystem have been shaking the waters with interesting IOTA developments, Proofs of concept and Meetups all over the globe.

Antonio Nardella has been working on this three areas as a member of the IEN, Developer and Regional Community Leader in Italy.

We think it is very important to highlight the work done by the different characters involved in making IOTA grow, therefore we invite ur reader to meet him and his work on this interview.

Gabriela Jara
Content Coordinator & Writer
IOTA Hispano

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Can you tell us about yourself and your background?

Sure! Born in 1982 in Bolzano, married to my beautiful and patient wife Sabrina and proud father of my son Alexander.

With 14 my mother got me my first 486. With 17 I started my career as an IT technician and with 18 as an IT trainer. After working as an IT specialist in a renowned south tyrolean marketing company and EURAC, a research center, I moved to a leading Italian dealer of POS systems. I can still remember: my first 28.8 kbit/s modem, my first HTML code and webpage on Geocities, exploring FTP servers, the urge to learn english to understand this new world, installing Suse, Gentoo and the countless hours in front of my monitor(s).

Now I’m mainly cooperating as Digital Business Architect with Seekyou, a consulting company, as a member of the IOTA Evangelist Network I am organizing and hosting meetups in Bolzano and with two other members, Stefano Della Valle and Alessandro Olivo, the 21st of November 2018 in Milan for the IOTA Italia Community. Last but not least I am also Regional Community Leader for the IOTA Ecosystem.

When did you get into the world of DLT’s and how did you discover IOTA?

It was around 2011. In the nighttime I found myself learning about privacy, security, encryption and exploring privacy networks like TOR, I2P or freenet to understand the concepts behind these technologies. At a certain point I got to read about Bitcoin as peer-to-peer crypto-money and the blockchain technology. I must admit that I am still not totally grasping the mathematics behind it, but growing up with technology I developed a gut feeling and curiosity drove me further, so I started to lurk on bitcointalk. I will never forget how in June 2013 I got some Linden$, went on Second Life used a virtual ATM and finally exchanged my first 0.3 BTC on VirWoX. It was a sensational experience. In 2014 I wrote a guide in Italian about how to use a paper wallet with the Armory wallet, Tails and an air gapped computer.

In 2017 I had enough of all the new blockchain technologies and ICO’s and started looking at DLT projects that felt really different from a technical point of view. I already heard about IOTA before but only in July I took my time to dig deeper. To be sincere the first thing that caught my attention was the involvement of someone from South Tyrol, Dominik Schiener, but then I took my dear time to understand the vision and technology.


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