Interview with Lman Chu, BiiLabs CEO and CoFounder

Certainly one interview is not enough to know all the work that BiiLabs does, while making this note, new material was appearing constantly. It’s right to say that BiiLabs is a startup focused on Distributed Ledger Technology, especially based on IOTA Tangle, which was chosen as one of the 6 most interesting startups in Taiwan.

I had the opportunity to interview Lman Chu, CoFounder & CEO of this promising Startup. Thanks to him and BiiLabs team, especially to Amanda Ye, for helping us to make this interview possible by crossing language barriers.

I hope you enjoy it, as I enjoyed writing this.

Gabriela Jara
Coordinator of Contents & Writer, IOTA Hispano

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Lman, Tell us a little about you and your background?

My personal interest on the Internet and open-source programming started from my college years in the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU). I was fascinating in how much the new technologies could change our life ever. That was year 1993. And Linux was just created in two year ago, 1991. My earlier career included working in a Linux company from year 2000. Then I joined a hardware company from year 2003 focused on the embeded computing products. In year 2008, my senior schoolmate planed to establish a technology startup aiming for the US rail control system. I decided to join it and assisted to build the operation team in Taiwan.

To sum up, my career path has been a journey that makes me a cross-industial entrepreneur, expericing various industries among hardware, software and radio, etc.

When and how did you jump into the cripto world and Dlt´s?

Few years ago, I began working with Jim Huang, who is currently Chief Technology Officer of BiiLabs. We tried to figure out what would be the opportunity for a tech startup in the Internet of Things era. We did the research to learn the pain point of IoT developers. Then we realized that Blockchain might be the solution for the IoT world while everything is connected to each other.

How was your first approach to IOTA?

When we did the research of IoT, we found that perhaps the DLT and Blockchain could solve the transaction issues of IoT. However, the topology of Blockchain can not really solve the challenge. We tried to define the methodology and did the searching on the Github. Our team almost screened about 6,000 to 7,000 projects on the Github with Blockchain keyword.

Finally we found that IOTA might be the ultimate solution.

We started to do the homework and provided the contribution with the IOTA open-source codes, not just claiming that we will use IOTA. We took actions.


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