Interview with Martyn Janes

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Martyn is a great person who shows the Iota space with his simple ideas, and one of his ideas has been fundamental for transparency in the Ecosystem. He earns one of the first funding in Iota Ecosystem. I hope you enjoy.

Clato Martin
Writer & Editor,
 IOTA Hispano

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Tell us a little about your background. How is the team made up?

I am a developer through and through and have been for 30 years. As a hobbyist back in the day and then through work experience at school I got my first taste of coding. In the early days I was lucky to have a mentor who taught me the fundamentals of coding, through book learning and with meticulous paper printed code reviews. Learning C and then C++ at such an early age grounded my skills in the fundamentals which I have used throughout my career.

I was coding commercial signal processing and data capture software before I went to university. While at university I gained degrees in Computer Science B.Sc. and Interactive Computing System Design M.Sc. and then went back into the commercial world.

Some 25 years ago and in the early days of the internet I worked on a very early IoT project (before it was called IoT). The project was implemented as a low-level protocol running over TCP/IP on both desktop PCs and on embedded devices. We could perform tasks which would automate/monitor a home/office on the other side of the world with great ease.

I have worked in a range of fields from embedded devices, document management, search, FX trading systems, home utilities and more. As you would suspect this has exposed me to a hugely diverse range of technologies, development stacks and programming languages and provided me with a wealth of knowledge.

From full time employee to CTO and everywhere in between I have had many roles, currently I call myself a contractor.

How was your first approach to cryptocurrency and Iota?

My first dealing with cryptocurrency was mining bitcoin around 7 years ago when the price was around $0.30, I was intrigued by the idea of creating value by just running an algorithm. I never looked deeper into the technology and eventually gave up on the mining, someday I will search for the hard disk with the BTC wallet on it.

I first read about IOTA early 2017 and was sceptical to say the least, as the year progressed, and I read more about the technology I garnered more of an interest. Ultimately, the fact that I was more interested in the technology and not just driven by the price lead me to believe that it had more future than other coins.

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The full article was originally published by Daniel De Michele on IOTA Hispano, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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