Interview with Nino Ulrich and iampass team

The full article was originally published by Daniel De Michele on IOTA Hispano. Read the full article here.

What guys at iampass are trying to achieve might seem futuristic as we speak but it could well end up being the solution for a lot of instances in which we today require different methods to prove who we are. Just think about it for a second: credit cards, IDs, gym pass, passport, driver’s licence, keys and lots of physical supported instances just to carry information abour who you are and what belongs to you. The simple fact of having to use a piece of plastic with a magnetic strip or a chip is crazy: we have an higienic and higly secure way to prove our identity using biometrics and, therefore, access all the benefits we have assosiated to it.

Let’s get to meet a bit more about iampass approach to biometrics and how this concept would interact with DLTs.

Daniel De Michele (Carpincho Dem)
 IOTA Hispano
IOTA Evangelist Network member 

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Could you briefly explain the main aspects of iampass for the people that still do not know about the project?

iampass challenges the status quo of identity. The modern, digital world we live in constantly requires another identity card, new app or additional password and there is always the trade-off between convenience vs. data security. At the same time there are approx. 15% of the current world population without any ID, which excludes them from education, health care, voting rights, land ownership, etc. iampass is combining the best of biometrics, encryption and Distributed Ledger Technologies to enable people (without any technical background) to become their own identity = ”I am pass” (more info:

When did you have your first contact with IOTA? Do you remember what your first impressions were regarding this technology?

Sure, I was at an Ethereum Meetup in January 2017 and a friend told me about IOTA, “Machine to Machine Economy” and a DLT without mining and fees, but scalability by design. Like other DLTs that I was experimenting with (Ethereum, NXT, Waves, …) I needed to have a few coins and see which functions the network already offered. I sold 2 BTC to buy my first MIOTAs on the YDX Slack Channel and learned about sending free transactions/ (JSON) messages to the Tangle.

Iampass deals with sensitive data. Immutability and cryptographic protection are essential. We know you guys did some experiments with other DLTs such as Ethereum. Why did the project end up choosing IOTA over other possible solutions?

Personal data is indeed a very sensitive and serious domain that most people try to stay away from or avoid whenever possible. We took the challenge to look at “identity”, personal data, raw vs. encrypted data in a very fresh and diverse view. Without going to much into the technical detail level here, it is absolutely clear, that it would be careless to simply store personal raw data on any DLT, instead sophisticated end-to-end concepts are mandatory. Further on, any identity related system requires scalability and affordable zero value transactions, which have been the bottlenecks for all blockchain based technologies so far. IOTA based on the DAG structure, designed to handle millions and billions of IoT devices and transactions, is currently the best technical fit for our goals, not to mention MAM (Masked Authenticated Messaging and future Qubic features…).

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The full article was originally published by Daniel De Michele on IOTA Hispano, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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